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The Partners In These 9 Types Of Jobs Are Those Who Are The Most Unfaithful

The Partners In These 9 Types Of Jobs Are Those Who Are The Most Unfaithful

If you are concerned that one day your lover, husband or wife may have an affair, it turns out that one of the best ways to get to the bottom of your life would be to take a closer look at professional environment in which the person evolves. There would be jobs that are more "at risk" than others.

Believe it or not, but many people try to solve their problems with their partners, and while researchers still struggle to scientifically assess the circumstances in which men and women are cheating on their partners, they have been able to establish that specific factors make some people more likely to be unfaithful than others. A study by Paul K. Piff, a psychologist and sociologist at the University of California at Berkeley, found that people with significant socioeconomic status "are more likely to lie, cheat, and be involved in conflicting activities." to ethics compared to those belonging to lower classes. "

The Partners In These 9 Types Of Jobs Are Those Who Are The Most Unfaithful

Here are the 9 job positions including the most people likely to cheat their partner, classified at least risky.

Combined, money and power give wings and can grow to be unfaithful. These two ways are found in the banking sector. Who knows ? Perhaps the social norms in this environment are more lenient with regard to dishonest behavior and put the objectives well above the means adopted.

There is no doubt: the people working on planes and the network administrators are honest, but the nature of their work makes that the slightest adventure is not difficult to conceal. They are constantly moving to new places and meeting new people.

The medical field
A person who works in this field can quickly feel continually overwhelmed and stressed, and let's face it, most people in these situations make bad decisions. Being a doctor, nurse or caregiver may be very demanding, people not practicing these jobs may not understand this. Maybe that's why so many doctors are divorced?

In this environment, many men pursue both their need to elevate their status and their quest for success. And having an affair with a much younger woman fulfills both of these needs for many of them. This is usually due to a lack of self-knowledge, because it is thanks to the latter that we understand the reasons behind our desires and that therefore we become more able to control our impulses.

People like athletes, it's a fact. They are strong, muscular and generally famous. Many women do not hesitate to attach themselves to an athlete, even if he is married. There was more than one testimony of athletes who were constantly receiving advances and very attractive proposals from women attractive to their public, which made the refusal particularly difficult.

Just like athletes, musicians and artists have a lot of fans, and groupies. When they meet fans who would give anything to be with them, how could they say no?

These jobs require working at night. If you are a DJ or waiter in a pu or nightclub, it is more than likely that you will attract people, many people. And who says bar, says alcohol. What happens when you gather several drunk people in the same room? Many stupid things that will be regretted right after.

The media
People in the field of media and journalism travel so much that they spend very little time with their husband or wife. And let's be honest, the further away you are from your partner for a long time, the higher the risk of error.

It's no secret that lawyers, for example, are seen as cold, heartless people who use the truth when it suits them. Not that they are all liars, but rather that they are gifted when it comes to turning the situation to their advantage. Knowing how to manipulate the facts may not only be useful in a courtroom.