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15 Things Little Girls Need To Hear From Their Mothers

15 Things Little Girls Need To Hear From Their Mothers

The education of children is not always easy for parents. Indeed, they have the responsibility to instill in their child the taste of life and give them a maximum of tools to be able to face all the struggles they will have to lead once adults. Whether your child is a boy or a girl, he needs your advice and teachings. Although the following also concerns boys, we will focus in this article on girls. Here's a list of 15 things that little girls absolutely must hear from their mothers.

15 Things Little Girls Need To Hear From Their Mothers

1. "We love you and we will love you whatever happens. "
Hearing this sentence, your daughter will understand that no matter how difficult life will become even when she grows up, mom will always be there. Having this sense of love will motivate her to move forward with confidence.

2. "The world needs you, your existence is worth it. "
Too often, children feel that they are not important, especially when they begin to compare themselves to others. Doing this reminder to her daughter will help her to accept herself as she is and to feel important.

3. "You must always defend yourself. "
Not only is the world sometimes unfair, but it can also be unbalanced. As a young girl, she may face gender inequality and she should not back down.

4. "Never give up! "
It must be made clear to the girl that the value of the tasks entrusted to us is sometimes found in the difficulty of accomplishment. So, no matter how difficult it may seem, she must not throw in the towel.

5. "Keep your kindness no matter what happens. "
In this sometimes ruthless world, people who keep their kindness despite the hardships of life, are able to distinguish themselves as people of great value.

6. "Comfort is not always the key. "
The girl must understand that we must not wait until everything falls to her as if by magic. If she works hard to get what she wants, she will certainly be rewarded for her efforts.

7. "You are a priority for me. "
Whatever the pace and lifestyle of the mother, the little girl must understand that she always has a priority place in the heart of her mother. This will reassure her.

8. "Do not let anyone else belittle you and rob you of your exhilaration."
In life, we are also confronted with nasty people who take pleasure in belittling others. Your daughter must learn not to consider this kind of people in order to keep her joy of life.

9. "Failure is also instructive. "
The little girl must understand that failure is part of life and that the most important thing is the lessons she learns from her failure. This thought will help him to not be afraid to try.

10. "Live and do what you love. "
As she grows up, the little girl will try several ways. She must know that she can only achieve her full potential if she does something that fascinates her.

11. "Be proud of your family. "
One day, your little girl will also become a mother and if she feels the love of her own mother, she will want to share it with her children.

12. "You will always have a house of your own. "
No matter where she is growing up or whether she has failed an exam or has ended a relationship, your daughter will remember that she can always come home if she wants to.

13. "No one should force you to do what you do not want. "
As your daughter grows up, she will meet people with different characters. She must understand that she does not have to give in to anyone's demands and she does not have to feel obligated to do anything she is not comfortable with.

14. "You are beautiful! "
Women in general suffer when their appearance is criticized by others. So, for your little girl to keep a good sense of herself, she must remember that the opinions of others mean nothing and she is beautiful simply.

15. "Every fight is a lesson for you. "
Your daughter needs to understand that the more difficult something is, the more she can learn from it. Even if she does not perceive the interest when she suffers, after all this will make sense and she will benefit.

And you, what is the best advice you received from your parents?