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9 Things You'll Realize When You Die

9 Things You'll Realize When You Die

Imagine that 3 weeks after the death of one of your loved ones, this person wakes you up at sunrise and begins to describe what she saw and heard in the afterlife. At first, you will think that it is the sadness of the separation that made you imagine his voice. But when the person begins to share his cosmic secrets with you, things that you can not ignore, you become an attentive student.

Things You'll Realize When You Die

It turns out that by the time you were born, you have a crisis of amnesia, and one of the main things we do on the planet earth is to try to remember things that we have forgotten. But once your time comes, you'll realize a lot of things you did not know when you were alive. Here are a few :

1. Life on Earth is not a punishment for past mistakes
Your existence on earth has never been the consequence of a previous life, at least not as a punishment for past transgressions. Things do not work at all that way. The fact that the concept of an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth serves to establish the universal equilibrium is not true.

2. You have chosen many elements of your life
You have chosen the circumstances of your life before being born for spiritual reasons that are almost impossible to understand while you are on earth. If you understood these reasons, life would lose its unique and special character.

3. Everything is doomed to change
When you die, you realize that some things are destined to disappear. You also realize that there are immortal things, things that you take with you that also change. The concept of the illusion described by the Maya simply refers to these temporary things.

4. Life is beautiful, even in difficult times
We all do things we call mistakes. But in reality, these so-called errors are correct. They are simply part of the order established on earth.

5. You are supposed to engage in many things, even those that seem insane from a human point of view
Take a step back before judging yourself or judging your neighbor too hard. To live without the slightest judgment in all aspects of your life is something very privileged. Only a living Buddha could be capable of it.

6. It's not always just a good end
Some outcomes are happier than others. But in fact, it's not just the percentage of happiness that counts. There is also the rhythm of things going on.

7. The company teaches the limitation
No matter what you have learned, everything you need is already in you. And what you really are is beyond your understanding. That's why living the human experience can sometimes be painful.

At the center of everything there is an energy, an immaterial thing called "love"
It's so good to know. The power of love is unimaginable. There is no way to estimate the power of love at its true value while you are in this life.

9. Death is not as bad as you think
It can even be very pleasant. You will even find it hard to find a better feeling in your life on earth. And saying goodbye to people you love is not as bad as it looks, because you will see them again.