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 10 Things You Should Not Do When Kissing Your Partner

10 Things You Should Not Do When Kissing Your Partner

Do you remember the first time you kissed someone? You did not know how to do it and it's perfectly normal! But with age and experience, you can not repeat the same mistakes you made when you were a teenager. By the way, here are the top 10 things you can not do (or do) when kissing someone.

 10 Things You Should Not Do When Kissing Your Partner

1. Have a doubt about your breath:
If you think you have bad breath because of a meal you have just eaten or a condition you are suffering from, do not kiss someone. We know that your darling loves you as you are, but it is useless to inflict this torture on her/him because you would certainly not be in her/his place ...

2. Too much tongue kills a kiss:
Indeed, if the French kiss has managed to get into the customs and habits of everyone, it is generally appreciated. Nevertheless, it is important that you know how much to make because transforming your passionate and passionate kiss into an unmatched language exchange is absolutely nothing exciting ...

3. Little tongue also kills the kiss:
If you are a fan of furtive kisses or what is more commonly called smacks, good for you, we do not judge you! But know that when your languages intermingle during a kiss, it is much more likely to be sensual and passionate. Everything is a question of dosage, again ...

4. Use your hands:
When we kiss each other, it is sometimes difficult to know or become aware of what is around us or what we are doing with the rest of our body. If you do not know what to do with your hands, know that you can very well make them work by stroking the face or the body of your partner. It will ignite your kiss even more.

5. Bite in moderation:
During a fiery kiss, we sometimes forget ourselves and let our animal instinct speak. In these cases, we often bite our partner's lips. While some people highly appreciate this gesture, others, on the other hand, are not very fan of the practice. If you want to chew the lips of your darling, be careful with it. You do not need to turn into a vampire to excite your partner!

6. Contain your saliva as best as you can:
Yes, it is not very glamorous as advice but it is important that you can contain yourself when you embrace the loved one. This necessarily means controlling your salivary flow. Believe us, your partner will appreciate very little that you have turned into a fountain!

7. Do not complicate things:
When you give someone their first kiss or kiss for the very first time in your life, it's only natural that you want to impress the person with whom you are engaging in this enjoyable practice. It is still important not to complicate things when kissing your partner. This is not to show that you are a kisses professional or to turn them into a full-fledged sports performance ... Do it just as you feel and keep up with your partner's pace to put it on comfortable.

8. Do not think about the after:
To exchange a kiss with someone is to live the moment without worrying about what might happen next. If many people are used to thinking about the post-kissing moments while they are still trading one, know that it is very bad and that it spoils the moment that you are living . By dint of wanting to anticipate too much, we end up forgetting to take advantage of the present moment.

9. Do not make your partner feel that you are giving him pleasure by kissing him:
This is the worst thing you could do to your partner. Would you like to feel like your sweetheart is just kissing you to please you? Your kiss must be sincere, in which case you may just disappoint or disappoint it ...

10. Avoid showing yourself too passionate:
Once again, be sincere in your approach. Do not bother to make tons of them when you kiss your beloved. Passion is good, but avoid being too passionate if you feel that your partner is not on the same page. Adapt, he or she can only thank you ...