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10 Things In Women That Attract Toxic Men

10 Things In Women That Attract Toxic Men

When you go out with toxic men, you always end up wondering what really happened. You wonder how you did not see it coming and if you did something to deserve to be so hurt. If you want to understand why you attract such men, here are some explanations.

Things In Women That Attract Toxic Men

1. You were too nice
You were always polite and understanding, a little too much for your own good. You were the kind of woman who never asked anything, you did not demand anything from her. And it's just perfect for a toxic man because he likes to enjoy that kindness. Unfortunately, this excessive kindness has turned against you.

2. You always give the benefit of the doubt
You always try to see the good in people, but honestly, it's the thing to never deal with a toxic person. So you gave him the benefit of the doubt even when his stories seemed ridiculous and your intuition told you he was lying. You were always ready to compromise without getting anything back because he was selfish and egocentric.

3. You were his hope for change
You are a woman who leads a healthy lifestyle. This can be quite appealing to a toxic man who knows that he should change his bad habits, because he knows that yours would end up rubbing on him. But you realize that you were just a way out for this kind of person and that apart from that you do not represent anything.

4. You had the role of restorative
You were the kind of partner to try to change the toxic men. You used to say, "If he found a job, our relationship would be great." The problem again is that a toxic man will never change. He is a manipulator who will always push you to do whatever he wants. You have each time given in hoping to receive love back, but this was not the case, because the broken people do not know how to love.

5. You were too empathetic
Toxic men lack empathy, but you feel so bad for him when he told you sad stories where he was the victim, a role they knew perfectly well. You let your emotions blind you, which prevented you from seeing that he manipulated you to achieve his ends.

6. You have abandoned love
Toxic men do not want a woman who has a healthy vision of love, because otherwise she would not waste her time with them. The sequence of so many bad experiences ends up affecting your faith in love. You realize that everything was so beautiful at first and that falling in love was sublime, until you finally came to see that it was the best way for him to use you.

7. You did not have healthy limits
You gave a lot and live a martyr relationship. You assume the problems of this man as well as all his dramas, neglecting you and your needs. It was too easy for this man and his peers to take advantage of this situation that lasted.

8. You were a good listener
A toxic man loves to talk about himself for hours. You have always been a good listener, always ready to listen to what people have to tell you. But with this toxic man, you were caught in the trap of his monologue because he knew you were giving him time. He did not listen to you either.

9. You were too relaxed and accommodating
You are the type of person who does not ask people or in a relationship. You like to follow the flow and the fact that your partner takes control does not bother you. But this is very tempting for a toxic man, it makes him want to go beyond the limits.

10. You have not put yourself in value
You did not have much confidence in yourself or self-esteem, which made you the perfect prey of this toxic man. Once he saw that you did not have high standards, then he understood that you were going to endure his bad behavior. But the fact that you valued yourself made you understand that it was not worth it.