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Today, My Clothes Are White And Smell Good After Washing ... All Thanks To The Tip Of My Neighbor

Today, My Clothes Are White And Smell Good After Washing ... All Thanks To The Tip Of My Neighbor

It would be hard to believe that keeping your white clothes after each wash nowadays would be such a challenge ... and yet! The tips helping us to reconnect with a pristine white abound on the canvas. Here are some just for you ...!

Clothes Are White And Smell Good After Washing

If you decide to take a look at your wardrobe right away, you'll find that it contains a significant amount of white clothes (unless you're not a big fan of this one). color). Indeed, we often fall for t-shirts or for white shirts when we do some shopping ... and for good reason! The white has that extraordinary that it gets to marry with all the other colors, which makes that fashion faux pas ... well you do not know!

Today, we reveal some tips to preserve your laundry, and keep it always as white as its "beginnings" ...

Baking soda :

We have had the opportunity to tell you repeatedly through our articles, baking soda is a real miracle product! In addition to having many therapeutic virtues, baking soda has long been one of our grandmothers' favorite products for washing clothes and making them whiter. Ecological and economical, this famous white powder also revives all colors and can even replace your softener! Simply pour the equivalent of 2 tablespoons of baking soda in water, then pour the mixture into the drawer of the laundry or softener of your washing machine ... and the magic will work!


As incredible as it may seem, aspirin, this analgesic often used against headaches, has unsuspected properties ... Indeed, it is also able to make your laundry whiter than ever! No need to use bleach to effectively whiten your clothes. It suffices to dissolve a few aspirin tablets (about 300 mg), in hot water (about 2 liters for a fairly large quantity of washing clothes). Dip your laundry in this mixture and leave it all night. All you have to do is leave your laundry in the washing machine the next morning!

White vinegar and lemon:

If many of you already know that lemon and white vinegar are effective at making and keeping your laundry white, you may not be aware that when you combine the two, they make real miracles on your linen! The acidic compounds of white vinegar and lemon penetrate easily into the tissues and remove compounds that alter the color of the linen. In addition, white vinegar is able to replace wonderfully your softener!

To test this miraculous blend, simply mix some white vinegar (about 125 ml) with your usual detergent. Meanwhile, squeeze 2 lemons and mix the resulting juice with a spoon of salt. Finally, mix everything and pour your mixture into the laundry tub of your washing machine.