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5 Types Of Love You Will Fall On Before Finding Your Soul Mate

5 Types Of Love You Will Fall On Before Finding Your Soul Mate

Finding love, the real thing is probably a goal that virtually all people share. We idealize these moments spent with the person we love, we hope that the latter causes in us an emotional upheaval, both authentic and inexplicable. A connection so deep that we never imagined that it could exist.

We all dream of meeting this special person who is actually our soul mate, the one who would make our hearts beat so hard. Nevertheless, the reality is somewhat disappointing. This ultimate quest for eternal love often tends to be as long as it is difficult. During your meetings, you will have many disappointments and you will realize that your expectations were very far from the reality of the relationship.

Types Of Love You Will Fall On Before Finding Your Soul Mate

You should not be afraid to seek love. Do not give up. Love does exist. And as the famous fairy tale demonstrates, you should kiss a few toads before falling on the love you've always dreamed of. So here are 5 types of love that you are likely to come across before finding the Love of your life.

1. The first love
The experience of a first love is very similar to the first time you ride a bike. You do not really know where it will take you, you have no idea how to do it, but you try anyway. Because the sensation of a new experience is stronger than any fear.

So you feel those famous butterflies that people talk about. You embrace with passion and feel that your heart beats at an hour. So you become attached to your partner and think you can not live without him.

And that's where you'll go wrong. Because despite the desperation that will win you, you will eventually overcome the pain of separation. You will have learned your first lesson.

2. Hard love
As you progress in life, you will eventually meet someone else. This love will give you the impression of having found the perfect relationship, but at the end of the day you will become confused. Over time, your eyes will open so you can see that your partner has changed. All this was just a role he played before you unmasked him. This love is comparable to the roller coaster.

Despite the fact that it ends in a break, you will learn a valuable lesson, that your self-esteem is paramount and that the best is yet to come.

3. The love of the best friend
You will therefore search for love that will give you stability that difficult love has not managed to get you. Until you meet someone who will fall in love with you so much that he will be able to do anything for you. And as you will absolutely want to escape the cruelty of the world, you will accept it very quickly. Even if you do not share the same feelings.

This person will love you and protect you like no other, but you will not be able to reciprocate. You will notice then that the passion dissipates quickly and that in reality, your feelings were summed up with pure respect and a recognition for the kindness of your partner. Therefore, you will strive to pretend that everything is working until the day you come to the evidence.

4. Passionate love
And when you begin to convince yourself that true passion and romance do not exist, life will prove you wrong. This relationship will be your love story both crazy and stupid. A real novel with rose water.

The intense sensations that you will have with your partner will make you think that it is the good one. Unfortunately, all this has been too good to be true and will end as soon as it takes place, leaving you confused and deeply disappointed.

5. Unconditional love
And just before you let go, you will meet this person who will change your vision. Your soul mate, the one that has always been yours.

From the first glance, you will feel like you have already met in a previous life. You will wonder if all this is true and if you are not dreaming.

Therefore, you will not regret the least second of your life, or any experience that you have gone through, because it is thanks to them that you are here today. You have finally found the person who deserves to be part of your life. You have finally found Love, with a big A.