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If You Want To Be Rich, Remove These Things From Your Home Immediately

If You Want To Be Rich, Remove These Things From Your Home Immediately

Like Feng-Shui, the Vastu is the art of rearranging its interior so that it is no longer invaded by negative waves.

To live in peace and in harmony with oneself and one's home, the Vastu offers to the followers of the discipline to get rid of a certain number of objects or things in order to circulate the positive waves in your house, but especially , to attract money and prosperity to your home!

Overview of things or things you should remove from your home right away!

1. The nest of pigeons:
If you own a house with a garden outside, there is a good chance that a good number of birds come to visit you from time to time ... If you notice the presence of a nest of pigeon in your garden , hurry to remove it because in Indian culture, it is synonymous with poverty and instability.

2. The Bee Hive:
This may be hard for beekeepers to do, but if you notice a bee hive in your yard (and you're not a big fan of honey anyway), make sure you get rid of it as soon as possible. possible because it too is synonymous with poverty and bad luck in Indian culture.

3. Spider webs:
When we realize that we have a spider at home, we are rarely serene or quiet at this time. Seeing a simple spider's web can literally chill your blood (especially if you're arachnophobic). Immediately make sure to remove it from your home because it does not bode well ...

4. Broken mirrors:
Indian or Oriental culture is not the only one to consider that a broken mirror is necessarily synonymous with misfortune, sickness or even death. We find this belief in Western civilizations too, especially in the Eastern countries. Do not keep a broken mirror at home if you do not want to attract bad luck.

5. Bats :
Seeing bats land in your garden is not common, certainly, but if you still live in a place where you can see them or hear them at night, be sure to close your windows before to go to sleep. In Indian culture, bats represent death!

6. Bumps on the walls:
It is not an object of course, but a bump in a wall is often representative of the evil eye in Indian culture. So take the time to take care of your home by carefully cleaning the walls of it. Who knows, it may be an opportunity for you to change the decor too, right?

7. Leaking taps:
Water leaking faucets represents the positive energy and wealth that escapes from your home ... so be sure to have your faucets repaired if they ever run away.

8. Faded flowers:
Flowers that fade with time, it's quite normal. It's sad but it is imperative that you get rid of it as quickly as possible because they are also the cause of negative waves in your home!

9. Uncleaned terraces:
It's not an object you can get rid of, of course. However, this is a space that you can easily move so that it no longer looks like a storage room! Make sure to clean it and arrange it in a little corner of paradise ...