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5 Ways To Unknowingly Destroy Your Wife And Kill Your Marriage

5 Ways To Unknowingly Destroy Your Wife And Kill Your Marriage

It's hard to be a man today. You have to be sensitive, caring and in tune with our feelings. At the same time, we are always expected to be strong, protective and able to repair anything that could break. However, all men do not always have these abilities and sometimes risk in their marriage, to feel overwhelmed because of several parameters.

Destroy Your Wife And Kill Your Marriage

As men, we try to maintain that fragile balance between being caring and being strong. But it can be question of a line so fine, that it can often happen to us to fail. There are also things we can do that hurt our women and kill our marriages. To give you an overview, we will present 5.

1. Being pessimistic

Since you were a child, you have been taught to be "the man always standing" and "who never cries", just so that you can face some difficulties that may arise in life. Although at times such advice might be well placed, your wife also needs you to be optimistic. Your relationship will, over time, face all kinds of challenges, failures and problems. Your wife does not need someone to tell her to stop crying, she needs a shoulder to cry.

2. Neglecting the physical affection

Yes, men do it too. Physical affection is more than just having sex. This includes hugging your wife before going to work, holding her hand when you are in public places, or hugging her while watching a movie on the couch. If you refuse to do these things, you repress that physical affection that your wife's heart feeds on. The affection you try to show him in the bedroom will never make up for the affection you express to him outside of the bedroom.

3. To be incomprehensible

Women need to know that they are loved and that you are grateful to them. You think you're showing love by going to work every day and bringing money home, but if you never think of doing more than that, you're wrong.

Your wife needs you to show her that you are doing everything to make her happy. So take a little of your time and do something special. Send him text messages during the day or give him flowers. You could really be surprised at the reaction she will have.

4. Have other priorities

Among the women you knew and the ones you came out with, your wife was the one you chose to share with her the rest of your life. She needs to know that you are always putting her in value. Whenever you check your smartphone during a one-on-one outing or you come home late from work without calling it, you make it clear that it does not matter to you. As a result, she ends up wondering if you care about her as much as at the beginning of your relationship.

Your work is important, but remember what you are working for. Also remember that there is nothing on your phone that is more important than a person who is in front of you and who loves you with all his heart.

5. Do not provide basic items for the family

As a man, it is your responsibility to support your family, whether your wife works or not. Sometimes it means working a few extra hours so your children can join a sports club for example. And sometimes, it may cause you to be unhappy with your working conditions or the mismanagement of your boss, but that despite that you take your trouble because you want your family to have a stable situation. But you end up realizing that all this was worth it, when you come back at night and you see a smile on every face.