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The Worst Couples Of The Zodiac, Their Relationship Always Ends In Rupture

The Worst Couples Of The Zodiac, Their Relationship Always Ends In Rupture

Each astrological sign has specific features that speak volumes about its nature. Compatibility problems are inevitable if people with contradictory traits get in touch. This applies to everything, including friendship, professional or sentimental relationships. Therefore, if you and your partner are opposed to your personalities, it is highly likely that your astrological signs are not compatible.

The Worst Couples Of The Zodiac

Better understand the compatibility of love between signs

For example, a love story between a free spirit and adventurous Sagittarius, and a Cancer will probably not be consistent, because the latter is homebody and does not like to leave his cocoon. If they are together, the discussion about the program for the next weekend would take them straight to the argument. Their relationship would therefore require a lot of adjustments and understanding to make things work.

However, there are exceptions. Opposites attract in some cases and you do not need to worry if your partner has an incompatible sign. Depending on your level of commitment and adjustment, there are signs that their relationship works and shares a great deal of complicity. To make your research a little easier, here are six pairs of the zodiac that should never be seen.

Aries and Cancer

Aries is a sign of fire and Cancer a sign of water. Aries are energetic extroverts who are full of life, while most Cancer are introverted and take their time before opening up to others. Aries is expressive in nature, while Cancer does not lower its guard easily, which can create communication problems between the two. Aries like to travel and explore the world, they do not like to be confined to a place for hours. Weekends for them are synonymous with fun parties and social gatherings. On the other hand, Cancer would happily spend its weekends at home watching its favorite series.

Taurus and Aquarius

Taurus, known for their honesty and loyalty, cherish the idea of a committed and long-term relationship. Aquarians on their side, hold their freedom and would not hesitate to experiment a little before entering a serious relationship. While Taurus have a practical approach to life, Aquarians are great dreamers with sometimes a tendency to become unrealistic. The relationship may well go far, but their incompatible natures will create problems between these signs.

Virgo and Gemini

The Virgo seek perfection everywhere, including in their relationships, whether with their partner or their friends. They expect their partners to be responsible, caring and understanding and to invest the same amount of love and care in the relationship. While Gemini, known for their carefree and fun attitude, likes to do things at their own pace. So unlike the Virgo, they are indecisive in nature. More importantly, while Virgo loves to dominate their partner, Gemini hates the idea of submitting to someone or something. The relationship may start well, but it will be disappointing later.

Libra and Capricorn

Libra are social beings and are the soul of any group. They have a huge circle of friends and they hate monotony and routine. Capricorns, known for their introverted nature, sometimes tend to feel insecure in a relationship and certainly do not like their partner to be surrounded by friends all the time. While Capricorns prefer to stay home and spend a peaceful evening with their partner, Libra, on the other hand, would love to spend the weekend with their friends. If they are together, the couple will always struggle to find a balance and will need a lot of work for the relationship to work.

Leo and Scorpion

Couples of these signs can take advantage of the initial phase of their relationship because of their good sexual compatibility, but the charm could quickly dissipate over time. Scorpions are brutally honest, stubborn and stubborn by nature. Interestingly, the Lion share the same traits. Despite having similar personalities, it does not work in favor of their relationship. Both are unlikely to make the adjustment because of their inflexible nature.

Sagittarius and Cancer
Sagittarians do not engage in a relationship until they are completely sure. They do not think twice before ending a relationship if it fails to excite them. Cancer, known for their loyalty, tends to evolve emotionally, which is the last thing a Sagittarius wants. In addition, Cancer could even become manipulative sometimes to maintain their relationship. They like to stay in their comfort zone and the idea of venturing or experimenting with something new does not excite them much.