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The 7 Zodiac Signs Liars And Dishonest

The 7 Zodiac Signs Liars And Dishonest

We often refer to astrology in order to know the characteristics of our personality. There are signs said, passionate, loyal and honest, as there are others said, dishonest and liars.

Zodiac Signs Liars And Dishonest

The lie can be used by everyone but everything depends on its degree. Some use it to protect their privacy, to value themselves or not to hurt. Others use it to hurt and hurt. Nevertheless, there is a category that prefers honesty and frankness, to the point of being hurtful.

It should be kept in mind that signs that are classified as liars are not necessarily all, since people born under the same sign are not all alike. Astrology simply refers to certain common characters and personality patterns in people born under the same sign of the zodiac.

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The natives of Libra do not lie but make things work in their own way. They tend to give dishonest answers that others want to hear in order to achieve their ends.

The sign of Aquarius is a liar by nature and finds it quite right. He thinks he is rational and his sense of truth is quite flexible. He thinks that for the good of others, it is necessary sometimes to modify the facts and the reality.

To maintain their image, Capricorn tend to twist the truth somewhat. Their ego is too strong and can not stand that people consider them weak.

Torn between two aspects of his personality, Gemini can be either very kind or an inveterate liar. His contradictory aspects often put him in a dilemma. His double nature drives him to lie to himself. Thus, it replaces this lack of self-realization with lies. Gemini can distort a reality with a lie if it is not sure what to advance.

Aries is rather domineering and thirsty for freedom to the point that he is able to opt for extreme measures to keep this aspect of his life. He absolutely loves being right and he is ready to weave a web of lies to get the last word.

Cancer is represented by the Crab, soft from the inside and hard on the outside or loyal and authoritarian from the outside but deceptive from the inside. Cancer is often honest and sensitive but will not hesitate to use all its manipulative skills by distorting the facts for its own needs. For a Cancer, lying is justified, if it is to protect himself and the people he loves.

Determined, intrepid and vibrant, Leo is one of the signs most attached to their freedom. He will use all the lies to preserve it. Nothing stops him when it comes to performing an impossible mission, so much so that his oversized ego pushes him to lie about his abilities. Interested in a world that shines, he is ready to use all lies to access it. His charisma makes us believe that everything he says or does is right, which makes his lies credible. Despising conflict, Leo can lie just to get rid of the person who is in conflict with him so he can hide his feelings.

Leo spares no one to get what he wants.