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These 2 Astrological Signs Always Go To The Clash. Be Warned!

These 2 Astrological Signs Always Go To The Clash. Be Warned!

It is difficult to predict whether you will get along with someone in a professional environment, as many factors come into play.

If you're a big fan of astrology, you're always looking for compatibility between your sign and your new colleague when you start a new job or creative partnership, to get clues as to how things will go. So, if you ask how an Aquarius gets along with Cancer in a professional context, you are lucky, because we are going to clear up here the possible problems in this precise duo.

Astrological Signs Always Go To The Clash. Be Warned

First and foremost, we need to warn you that the professional compatibility between these two signs is not exactly a long quiet river, as their career goals are quite different. While Cancer aims for an emotionally fulfilling career that helps others on an interpersonal level, Aquarius is more interested in the abstract, ideas and visions, and solving intellectual problems.

Let's start by examining the character traits commonly associated with Aquarius:

Aquarius is "progressive, original, independent and has humanitarian tendencies". But he is also known to avoid the expression of emotions. He can be both "uncompromising" and "subject to mood swings". Aquarius is good at listening but can be rebellious or stand aside in some situations.

Astrologer Chani Nicholas wrote about how to love this air sign and get along with him. He speaks of his ability to be more concerned about getting something right than flattering the feelings of others.

Nothing impresses this sign, except the ability to think for oneself. Not influenced by public opinion, able to see beyond the fears that most people leave their thoughts, Aquarius seeks the truth.

As for Cancer, everything is in the emotions, unlike the traits generally associated with Aquarius.

Cancer is described as sentimental, deep and intuitive people who can become a little manipulative if things do not go the way they want. If Aquarius rushes into a project, Cancer is likely to talk to the boss about what's wrong, if you know what you mean.

Here's what Chani Nicholas wrote about them: "If you love a Cancer, you will not miss a lot of feelings for a long time. An extra bowl of emotions. A bowl dripping with tears that he pours like an early ritual. "

Of course, this emotionality may be a little tricky in a professional environment or creative collaboration, but it can also be useful when you have to fix a mess. After Aquarius and Cancer have had a dispute over a confusing presentation, it is likely that it is Cancer that reaches out and initiates a hug.

Does this mean that you are done before you even start if you are embarked on a work project that involves these two signs?

Of course not. This just means that you may need to approach the situation with some caution, especially if the above descriptions coincide with the characters present. When you open your eyes to the intricacies of the personality of others, you can learn to appreciate them better. And that's also true for your relationship with yourself.

That said, nothing is fixed when it comes to astrology. This is more a user manual when needed than an immutable rule.