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These 3 Bad Habits Prove That A Person Is Very Intelligent

These 3 Bad Habits Prove That A Person Is Very Intelligent

We are generally reprimanded for our bad habits. People think they can decide different indicators of laziness or lack of intelligence. However, studies examining this have found that some of these habits are actually related to high IQ. Which means that doing these things intentionally will not increase your level of intelligence, but if you already have many of these bad habits, it means you're more likely to be smarter than average . So here are three of them.

Bad Habits Prove That A Person Is Very Intelligent

1. Having A Messy Room

We have heard it many times, disorder means you are disorganized and less productive. But, a psychologist at the University of Minnesota discovered that people who have messy rooms had higher IQs.

This is probably because the reason for your mess is that you are so busy doing other things that you do not have time to organize yourself, or that you follow your own system that stems from your creativity. Your room may seem messy for some, but the truth is that you now know that it hides something much deeper.

Kathleen Voghs, a psychologist, has associated disordered environments with people who break away from what is conventional or ordinary.

2. Waking Up Late

Many would agree that insomnia is a real scourge. Especially if you have to get up early to work, which means that you are always tired, and if you do not get up, this is interpreted as a sign of laziness, no matter what work you do while everyone sleeps . Your circadian rhythm is totally contrary to that of others. Moreover, a study published in Psychology Today explains that the circadian rhythm exists in all animals, and that it is there to regulate sleep.

The only way to change your pace is to work on it consciously, it's something that all humans are capable of. That's why night owls are able to get up early with ease after a while, and that's why early risers can still work until late if they really need it.

When scientists followed young people, they established a link between their natural rhythm and their level of intelligence. People who went to bed later had higher IQs. This can even be confirmed if you observe the daily schedules of exceptional people, many of them were also night owls, which guarantees you to be in good company during your long nights.

3. Profanity words

Swearing is seen not only as a sign of rudeness in some circles, but also as a sign of stupidity, because some people think that people who speak this way lack vocabulary.

But a study by researchers at Marist College in New York actually refuted this stereotype. They have been able to prove the opposite by demonstrating the fact that people who are used to swear actually have more vocabulary.

The study also revealed that people who swear have greater rhetorical skill. And since expletives are more tied to raw emotions than other words are, it means that you are more likely to express how you feel.

Because it's emotion-related, swearing can actually relieve all types of stress and relieve pain. There is therefore no reason to say foul words should be considered as part of habits of low intelligence.