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Everyone Puts Butter In His Coffee! When You See The Reason, You Will Do The Same For The Rest Of Your Life!

Everyone Puts Butter In His Coffee! When You See The Reason, You Will Do The Same For The Rest Of Your Life!

People who have trouble waking up in the morning or who needs a boost in the day usually turn to this drink: coffee. Espresso, lying down, with or without sugar, cold or hot, there are several ways to drink it. In fact, a new coffee recipe keeps getting talked about, that of buttered coffee. Overview of this unusual trend.

Puts Butter In His Coffee! When You See The Reason

Often defined as being harmful to health when consumed in excess, coffee, consumed in a moderate way, has different virtues for the body.

The benefits of coffee

Coffee contains an active ingredient, caffeine, which acts on the whole body. Indeed, this substance stimulates the nervous system, improves intestinal transit, relieves migraines, fight against cellulite and even reduce the risk of skin cancer according to a study by the Harvard Medical School and the Boston Brigham and Women Hospital.

In fact, several other studies have highlighted the benefits of moderate coffee consumption. Among them, we find the study published in the journal Neurobiology of Aging and conducted by a team of researchers from the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) of Lille (France) about the link between consumption of coffee and the prevention of memory disorders, including Alzheimer's disease, related to Tau protein. This protein participates in the structure of neurons and their stabilization. However, as soon as the Tau proteins malfunction, become intertwined and have abnormalities, neuronal degeneration is present.

Using genetically modified mice that have developed neurodegeneration because of Tau protein, and after administering the equivalent of two cups of coffee a day, the researchers found that the condition of the mice had improved and that they had less memory loss, fewer changes in Tau protein, and a reduction in the inflammatory response in the brain. 

This phenomenon is explained in particular by the ability of caffeine to act directly on the brain. Indeed, this substance is capable of blocking the adenosine receptors and thus the fixation of adenosine, a molecule that intervenes on the sleep / wake cycle, on alertness and consequently on brain activity in the daytime state. . Although performed on mice, this is a real trail for the prevention of Alzheimer's disease as well as Parkinson's disease.

So we see that coffee has significant benefits for health. But then why add butter in it? Explanations.

Buttered coffee, quèsaco?

Created by Dave Asprey, the buttered coffee would prevent sluggishness in the morning as well as cravings causing weight gain. Also known as "bulletproof coffee", this coffee would stimulate concentration while offering a good dose of energy. For the anecdote, he explains that the idea would have come to him during a trip to Tibet where he would have discovered that Tibetans add yak butter in their tea.

The recipe is based on adding a teaspoon of sweet butter or coconut oil in the coffee. Note that it is specified that the only butter to offer these benefits is the organic butter from cow's milk fed with grass. In fact, animal nutrition does or does not affect the quality of the finished product, which is why the distinction between traditional sweet butter and that derived from animals that have been fed on grass is essential. For example, opt for butter from grass-fed cow's milk and spring butter. During this season, the quality of the grass and plants consumed by the animal is even better.

But then, why butter or coconut oil and not another ingredient? Because the addition of this type of fat, easily absorbed by the body, would have an anti-inflammatory effect on the brain, which would promote concentration and improve the feeling of satiety. That's why this new coffee recipe has won over many people around the world!