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Start Eating Two Eggs A Day And Watch How Your Health Changes

Start Eating Two Eggs A Day And Watch How Your Health Changes

Light, healthy, nourishing and inexpensive, raw or cooked, the egg is a food that has everything to seduce. However, for a long time, people thought that it was necessary to consume only 3 eggs maximum per week. Indeed, eggs unfortunately had this reputation for increasing cholesterol, which could affect health. But what is it really?

In many egg research, many scientists have demonstrated that regular egg consumption does not increase cholesterol levels in the body. Moreover, ¾ of it is actually produced by the liver. This research also proves that this food remains an excellent ally to enjoy good health in everyday life.

Start Eating Two Eggs A Day And Watch How Your Health Changes

The egg is above all one of the best sources of protein, so much so that dieticians and health professionals use it as a reference for assessing the protein content of other foods.

Zoom on the nutritional values of the egg:

No other food is more complete than the egg. It provides a large number of essential nutrients: vitamins A, D, E, K and B2 and B12 as well as minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. All these elements are essential for the proper functioning of our organization.

On average, an egg contains only 1.5 grams of saturated fat and no trans fatty acids known to promote obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The different benefits of the egg when consumed daily

Weightloss :
If you want to stop your snack between meals, have the reflex to have more eggs on your plate during breakfast. The International Journal of Obesity said that eating two eggs in the morning will not only provide you with a great energy boost, it will also help you stay all day and get rid of excess fat.

Vitamin D, an essential component of eggs, helps fortify your bones:

Eggs are part of foods rich in vitamin D. The latter is essential for having strong bones because it promotes the absorption of calcium. To maintain your bones healthy, it is recommended to expose yourself to the sun, but also to eat eggs regularly.

Your brain is better protected:
An egg is an excellent source of choline! By eating two eggs a day, you provide your body with 30% of the recommended daily intakes of phospholipid vitamins that make up your brain. Choline is effective and reduces the risk of dementia through its action on memorization.

Your sight is clearly protected:
Egg yolk has a high carotenoid content, including lutein, a powerful substance needed for good vision and also known for its ability to protect the skin from sunlight. Any deficiency of lutein in your body can reduce your eyesight and lead to complications.

Healthy hair and skin:
The cosmetic virtues of eggs are no longer a mystery for the majority of people. Several care products contain it. Indeed, vitamin B12 and biotin contained in this food are essential for the regeneration of your skin and your hair. Consumed daily or applied in care, this food is your beauty ally.

Reduces the risk of cancer:
Choline, one of the egg components, appears to be a promising candidate in the fight against breast cancer. Recent studies have shown that adequate intake of choline on a daily basis can reduce the risk of cancer by 24%.

Eating one egg a day protects your heart:
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death and disability in the world. Rich in omega 3, eggs have the ability to reduce the risk of infarction by 26% and that of dying of cardiovascular disease by 18%. This food is an important source of carotenoids which are essential antioxidants for the fight against free radicals. These are responsible for aging and cardiovascular disease.

Warning: In people already suffering from hypercholesterolemia, however, it is still advisable to limit consumption to a maximum of three eggs per week. Diabetics must also limit their consumption and not eat more than 4 eggs per week even if they do not suffer from hypercholesterolemia.