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9 Essential Things That Women Find Extremely Attractive In A Man

9 Essential Things That Women Find Extremely Attractive In A Man

The physical is what attracts at first but a man can be beautiful for a woman and not for another. Indeed, the choice of beauty criteria differs according to the desire, the need or the expectation of a woman from man.

Essential Things That Women Find Extremely Attractive In A Man

The man can have a multitude of qualities that make him attractive. It can be his personality, his attitude, his musculature, his look, his approach ... However, there are universal qualities that some men have and that appeal to the majority of women, including the following 9:

1. The beard
According to an Australian study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, women would be more attracted to bearded men. They maintain that the beard is a criterion of seduction in a man because this physical attractiveness is synonymous with masculinity and masculine energy. Women want a man who protects them, with whom they can feel safe and the beard gives that mature side to the man. In addition, a bearded man is more noticed than others, not necessarily for its beauty but for its unique side that stands out from others.

2. The jaw
Some studies have also shown that the appearance of a man's jaw can be an important factor in determining the sensual energy of the man. The carved appearance of the male face is more attractive than a rounder face. This strong jaw, or carved face, is actually the result of testosterone, a dominant hormone in men.

3. The red color
Psychologists know that colors are not innocuous and that red is the color of love and romance. At the age of our ancestors, red was a color that meant life, vigor, energy or even danger. She was associated with honor and belonging to a social class. Today, red is often associated with the heart, with lipstick and blush, with femme fatales. This association simply comes from the fact that we blush when we are sensually receptive. However, research conducted in 2010 found that red color makes men equally attractive. Women are very receptive to this color to the same degree as humans, which reinforces the link between red color and sensuous receptivity.

4. The deep voice
The auditory attraction we have for certain voices has so far not been explained. Still, women are seduced by the deep and deep voice of a man since it represents virility, dominance but also gives an impression of confidence and security.

5. Eyes
In seduction, everything starts with the eyes and the eyes of a man say a lot about his ability to seduce. A man can be irresistible with a simple caress of the look and the woman is particularly sensitive to this feature of the face because without visual contact, nothing will happen.

6. The size
According to a Dutch study of couples published in the Public Library of Science (PLOS), women prefer men of large size but in reasonable proportions. Moreover, this study showed that tall men are more likely to marry than small ones. This size criterion illustrates the need for women to be dominated and protected.

7. The musculature
It is not surprising to see muscular apollons cover magazines. Women like men who have muscle because they find them strong, healthy and above all very attractive. For the woman, it is a very effective way for genetic selection.

8. Humor
It is well known that humor is a seductive factor. The woman is particularly attracted by a man who makes her laugh. Moreover, humor is a sign of creativity and a creative man is generally more likely to seduce. Indeed, according to a study by the Royal Society Open Science journal, men can compensate for a physically unattractive physique by their creativity.

9. Kindness
The older a woman becomes, the more she looks for a caring and kind man. At a time when the woman is facing various assaults, she needs a man who will be gentle and caring. This can be an advantage for a man provided that he wakes from time to time the nice thing that lies dormant in him.