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10 Habits That Men Hate In Women

10 Habits That Men Hate In Women

We all have good and bad habits and often the bad ones are tougher. When we have a serious relationship, our worst habits become more conspicuous, because our partner is confronted regularly. To spare us, he does not tell us about it. But here's what men confess when they are asked about the question:

Habits That Men Hate In Women

The habits they like:

"My wife makes lists about everything, which helps us to be organized. She has been doing it since she was a child. Every time, I see the pretty little schoolgirl in it. "

This confession is touching. Making lists is definitely a girls thing. It's the best way to remember everything we have to do, from shopping lists to housework. It's nice to know that something you do every day is attractive to your man.

"When at the supermarket or doing the dishes, she sends me this look 'I love you' in the most romantic context of the world. "

Now, you know that throwing your boyfriend a look that means these three little words is a good habit to have. What this man has described is the best thing in the world, the feeling of being the person you have chosen. If you are used to it, do not change anything.

"It's the fact that she's always been caring. This morning, she went to work while I was sleeping again. When I woke up, there was coffee ready and my phone was charging. "

Attention full of love. Because, as this man says, doing this for the other is proof that you are caring and nothing is more sexy. Once you are settled in a relationship, these little habits prove that you love each other.

"When my girlfriend prepares a meal for my lunch break and slips a note with it. It's small, but it lights up my day. "

You may have been tempted to do it, but thought it was a bit too much, but now, you know, men like the little touches. And writing a word will not take much time.

"I like that when they wake up, they look lost, wrapped in blankets. It's so cute. "

Surely you do what this man describes. It's sometimes hard to wake up in the morning, especially when it's still dark, it's freezing and your bed is the best place in the world. It's a habit many women have, so it's good to know that men like it.

"When they have a hobby and they engage in long diatribes on this subject. I like to see girls really getting involved in something. I find it incredibly attractive. "

Did you know that men found seductive long diatribes? Good news, it is the case.

You do not do it on purpose, but it happens. If you're talking about a hobby you like or a conversation with your best friend, you warm up and end up making big diatribes. It means that you are passionate, as this man claims. And we are grateful to find this attractive.

"I know a girl who sits folding her legs against her chest, wraps her arms around them, then puts her head on her lap and smiles while talking. Each time, I forget what I was discussing. "

You surely have that kind of habit, everyone has one. It is difficult to get rid of even if you decide to adopt more "adult" positions. But do not worry because your boyfriend probably finds this adorable.

"To pee leaving the door open".

Do not lie, it happens to you. You know you have to close the door, but sometimes you're too lazy or you think it's not a big deal. You think it's a disgusting habit but, apparently, your lover might love it.
Should you continue? Probably not. But if he considers that it is not disgusting, you have certainly found your soul mate.

Habits they can not stand

"She hangs her hair clips everywhere. She never picks them up. And after an indefinite period, she complains of being out of hairclips, it drives me crazy. "

Okay, it annoys him that his girlfriend is dragging his claws everywhere ... but you too have been faced with this sad reality: you never find claws when you need them the most.

"My girlfriend finds it funny to tell me the end of the TV shows before. "

Of course it's funny. But, you understand that it is very annoying for others. Moreover, when one of your friends reveals the end of the series that you are watching, it makes you furious. So, if you have this bad habit, you should stop it.

"When we are together, she does not pick up her phone. "

Men hate that women spend all their time on their phones ... and, let's be frank, it's also something we hate to do. So, the best thing would be for everyone to forget that rude habit that makes the other feel uninteresting and unimportant.

"She gives me an exhaustive account of her day's work, and in great detail.

You tell yourself it's a good thing that couples share things that happened to them during the day. And you are right. But this is not the case for everyone. So, before telling your companion about your day, make sure he appreciates it. Of course, for you, there is worse than listening to your partner tell his work day. So, unless you moan or be very negative, he should be able to do it too.

"I sit comfortably on the couch. She comes to sit next to me and asks me: 'you can go get me such thing', while this thing was on its way. "

That's right, nobody likes to be disturbed when he is comfortably installed especially if you do it often. In this case, your companion is entitled to complain. You are a big girl and you can pick up your things yourself.

"When she turns her voice. It's very annoying. "

You know that one: when you make your voice higher than it is, whether you take your baby voice or worse, the voice of someone talking to a baby (which is devaluing for your interlocutor). Many women think it's cute, but men often find it infuriating.

"Trying to make us jealous. Some girls are constantly talking to you about another guy, as if it would push us to do more. "

A very bad habit because it can have the opposite effect of the one you are looking for. First option: trying to make your boyfriend jealous, you trigger a scene of jealousy followed by an argument. Second possibility: he begins to imagine himself with someone else too. In which case he could break up. Conclusion: if you have this habit, stop right now.

"Want to look like someone from the Kardashian family. This thing may impress other girls, but not men. "

It is a fact that many young women are impressed by members of the Kardashian family; but men are much less so. What this man is trying to say is that he wants them to be themselves, not that they are trying to look like someone else. It's a very positive message.

"She's abusing the dog filter on Snapchat. We understand that she loves him ... "

If you do, you now know that many men are not fans. Of course, you do not have to stop using this filter, but you can at least moderate your use.

"Do not tell me what they want and think I'll find out by myself. "

It can be tempting to wait for your man to guess what you have in mind. Would you like him to do the same to you? Surely not ! And then, it's good news that men want you to express your emotions, so enjoy them.