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How Many Children Are You Going To Have Based On Your Zodiac Sign

How Many Children Are You Going To Have Based On Your Zodiac Sign

One child, two, three or more, some women ask themselves this question and are curious as to whether they will have a large family or an only child. According to astrology, your zodiac sign indicates how many children you will have and what kind of mom you will be.

12. Aries: Warrior mother of many children
Aries, the stars predict that you will have many children. You are a little impulsive, and you will fall head over heels in love with motherhood. You will not want to stop having beautiful little children. You are a warrior mother, strong and confident.

11. Taurus: Serious mother of 2 children
A bull woman should have two children. You are patient and protective, these are impressive qualities in a mother caring for her children. But two children are enough for you. You are serious when you have to be. Fortunately for your family, a Taurus mother is also known to be a conservative spendthrift.

10. Gemini: Unpredictable Mom of Twins
As a twin sign of the zodiac, the stars will predict twins for you! You nourish and love to inspire the genius of your children. Your children will be the first to read and recite the alphabet. But do not let your impatience take over. Your children know that with you things will never be boring.

9. Cancer: Dedicated mom of 2 children
For you Cancer, the zodiac predicts two children but several years apart. You are the mother of the zodiac, so it is natural that you have a deep maternal instinct. Sometimes you feel like you are born to become a mother. You love your life at home and your family ties.

8. Leo: Passionate mom of 2 to 4 children
Leo woman, you are the lioness of the zodiac so you need little cubs. The stars predict two to four children. You are a perfect multitasking mom. You have a natural maternal instinct that will outweigh your need to be independent. Being a mom is a passion for you.

7. Virgo: Orderly mother of a child
Virgin, for you, it's only one little one. You know that you can become anxious and start thinking too much and stressing yourself in some situations. It is better that you have only one child to whom you can devote yourself entirely, and that you will fulfill with all your kindness and affection.

6. Libra: Balanced mom of 2, 4 or 6 children
Libra, you like balance, fairness and equality. In fact, you love these things so much that the stars think you will have an even number of children: two, four or even six. You are also the type of mother who would be open to adoption since your compassion is virtually unlimited. You like the idea of giving a child in need a loving home.

5. Scorpio: Eccentric mom of many children
You like the idea of raising an entire army of children, and the stars agree that you would be perfectly capable of assuming such a task. You have a strong desire to surround yourself with your loved ones and your children. When it comes to children, you can be a little eccentric. You are fiercely protective of your family.

4. Sagittarius: Adventurous mom of maybe one child
Sagittarius, the stars see you with a child or maybe no baby at all. The Sagittarius mother is the most adventurous. Which makes it difficult for her to cope with the demands of motherhood. But if she wants to go around the world with her child, he will have the coolest childhood ever.

3. Capricorn: Super mom of 3 children
Capricorn, you are the sign that can do anything. The stars think that you will have no problem raising three children of all ages, and managing the household.

2. Aquarius: Adaptable mother of a child
Like your Sagittarius sisters, you love adventure and take off on pure fantasy. In fact, you have a childish energy that makes the transition to motherhood difficult. The stars predict a single child, to whom you can devote your time without altering your imaginative side. As a mother, you adapt easily.

1. Pisces : Warm mum of more than 5 children
Pisces could take over in the race to have the most children. The stars think that you will be happy with five children and maybe even more. You have lots of love and you do not save effort to guide your children throughout their lives. When it comes to motherhood, you are both warm and perfectionist.