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8 Important Reasons Why You Need To Stop Waxing Pubic Hair

8 Important Reasons Why You Need To Stop Waxing Pubic Hair

Although at the time, fashion was natural, today, every part of the body must be hairless. So, to fight against the effects of Mother Nature and be well seen by the society, many women opt for the complete epilation of the body and the jersey, by means of the wax, the razor, the laser or the cream depilatory.

8 Important Reasons Why You Need To Stop Waxing Pubic Hair

But, all these hair removal techniques are not insignificant. By the way, here are 8 reasons that prove that you should opt for the natural:

1. The risks of infections
Pubic hair has a very specific role, including acting as a barrier against diseases and infections. By absorbing moisture, they avoid creating an environment conducive to the proliferation of bacteria. But when they are depilated, they can no longer play this role of protector. Moreover, the micro-lesions caused by shaving are the gateway for the germs that cause infections.

2. Irritations
Hair removal is usually painful but especially irritating for the skin. Indeed, once the hairs removed, the skin of the intimate parts comes into direct contact with the underwear. In addition, during physical intimacy, the friction caused by the comings and goings of the partner further irritates this area if it is devoid of pubic hair.

3. Body temperature
Spinning the jersey is disrupting the body's ability to manage its temperature. Indeed, pubic hair allows the body to detect temperature differences, absorb perspiration and therefore regulate our body temperature.

4. The risks of venereal disease 
In the same way that epilating the intimate parts increases the risk of infections, this practice also increases the risks of developing a venereal transmitted disease. Microlysis left by the razor and lack of pubic hair as a protective barrier are the main causes.

5. Ingrown hairs
Hair sometimes regrows uncontrollably in some people. Indeed, instead of getting out of the skin properly, the hair continues to grow subcutaneously because it can not properly iron the skin barrier. The cause ? Hair removal, no matter the technique. Indeed, the simple fact of going in the opposite direction of hair growth to remove it counteracts the correct regrowth of the hair and hair removal, in general, thickens the skin.

6. The appearance of the skin
To wax is to take the risk of changing the appearance of your skin, especially in sensitive areas like the jersey. Indeed, the depilation of the  pubic hair increases irritation, drying and thickening of the skin. This is explained by the fact that we tear the hair and the sebaceous gland that promotes hydration of the skin.

7. Physical intimacy attraction
One of the roles of pubic hair is to maintain attraction. Indeed, pubic hair contributes to sensitivity and communication through its impact on lubrication and their pheromone emission. It would be a shame to do without this weapon of seduction!

8. The risk of burns
One of the most popular hair removal techniques is waxing. However, this practice can cause burns because of the temperature of the wax. Moreover, it is contraindicated in people suffering from respiratory and circulatory disorders because of the temperature but also the sudden blow caused when removing the band of wax.

In conclusion, keep your hair in order to preserve your health!