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A Man Must Absolutely Do These 6 Things In Your Relationship, Otherwise He Does Not Respect You

A Man Must Absolutely Do These 6 Things In Your Relationship, Otherwise He Does Not Respect You

In a relationship, it's not just about love and romance. It is also about respect. When the latter is lacking, it is difficult to love the other or to keep the flame of passion.

Dr. Emerson Eggerichs is a world-renowned speaker, dealing with the theme of gender relations, and has more than three decades of scientific advice and research behind him. In her latest book "Love and Respect," Eggerichs explains why the needs of each in a relationship can vary, but this is certainly not to say that men need only respect or that they do not need love.

There must be a balance between the two, if the man in the relationship does not respect the woman, then he will surely not be able to love him. So here are 6 ways that all men should respect their partner.

A Man Must Absolutely Do These 6 Things In Your Relationship,

1. Pay attention
If she's just talking about a funny thought she had the other day, or her feelings about something, pay attention. Women share things and express their emotions with you because they trust you enough to do it. If a man can not afford a few moments of his time to show his wife that he respects her and pays attention to her, then the two should not even be together.

2. Support her when she needs it most
Her dreams, her ambitions, her goals count a lot for her. Most women are pragmatic. It does not matter if there is someone to encourage them or not, they go all the way. But if a woman has a relationship with a man who does not support her, that means she does not respect her either.

3. Communicate openly
Listen and answer. One of the best ways to show someone that you respect them is to communicate with them openly and confidently. Say what you have to say, and do not keep things for yourself. When a man shows that he is able to speak with his heart, without containing anger inside or resentment, it is proof that he is respectful. To be silent or to ignore the person is simply rude. If something is upsetting to one of the partners, they should talk about it instead of keeping it quiet.

4. Make it a priority
We do not say that your whole life should be around her, but let her know that she is important to you. When it comes to choosing between helping her for something important for her or doing your own little business, sometimes you have to go for the first one. The reason ? Because more than likely, she had to prioritize you many times, so it would be time to return the favor.

5. Show kindness
We all have bad days, and when that happens, we really want our partner to be there to bring some sun into our lives. Some days we have trouble being cheerful and happy, so a small gesture of kindness can really count. Give him a compliment, smile and give him a hug, make him a surprise dinner. Just trying to cheer her up means everything to her and it's a huge sign of respect.

6. To be honest
It's obvious, right? Unfortunately, some men think they can do all the above and omit the most important part: honesty. Without it, there can never be respect. If you're not honest with a woman, how can you expect her to do anything other than just give up, get angry or be confused? Yes, there will be times when being honest might not be the most enjoyable option, but in the long run, she will appreciate you more for it than if you lied to her.

And as Dostoevsky said: "If you want to be respected by others, the most important thing is to respect yourself. It's as simple as that, because it is only out of self-respect that you will force others to respect you. "