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Mistakes Made By Women Destroys Men, Ruins Marriage And Encourages Adultery According To An Expert

Mistakes Made By Women Destroys Men, Ruins Marriage And Encourages Adultery According To An Expert

We often talk about an unfaithful husband, who cheats on his wife or who has been caught red-handed, but does one mention enough the women who do it. Yes it exists but we rarely talk about it or rather we do not argue over it. Why ? Yet it is deception, adultery, a lack of respect that destroys the husband, ruins the marriage and pushes him to do exactly the same!

The writer, director and comedian, Matt Walsh has taken the time to write this text and lift the veil on this sensitive subject but which is very delicate. He defends through his remarks, the right of man to be respected and highlights that the success of a marriage does not depend only on the man but also the woman. It is a mutual contribution of good actions that will lead to a continuity of the couple.

A man needs respect

A woman who belittles her husband, the critic tirelessly, holds his physical and emotional affection as a ransom, harass him incessantly, humiliates him in public, can not be terribly surprised when he begins to distance himself. And if he deceives what would be a great and indefensible evil, it can not be said that he was the first. She deceived him first by lying to him, promising to respect him and treat him like a man, then turn around and treat him like a bum.

This is not the right approach

A husband does not need to earn the respect of his wife, nor does a woman need to win the love of her husband. A woman must respect her husband because he is her husband, just as he must love and honor her because she is his wife. In a couple, we do not deserve respect or contempt, either we are compatible or we are not, and at that moment, it is better to end the relationship than to destroy ourselves.

A man who feels he has to earn the respect of his wife will never be motivated to give the maximum for his couple. On the contrary, he will be afraid to go home for fear of being judged, he will prefer to stay at work where his contributions are appreciated and his talents admired. And when the marriage enters this sphere, we can consider that it is already half dead. It will not take a lot of things to stop it.

We all seem to understand that love is supposed to be unconditional, but we struggle to see how respect must be equally unconditional. How would we react if a husband says he will not like his wife because she did not deserve it? What about a man who chooses to act without love towards his wife because she does not satisfy him enough in one way or another? Even if it were true that the woman is failing her responsibilities, we would consider the man as a monster for having used it as an excuse to degrade and humiliate her.

So why do we accept the idea that respect for a man should be earned? Why is it considered appropriate for a woman to give orders to her husband, but not the other way around? Why is it normal in our culture for a woman to assign a household chore to her husband, when we would think that a tyrannical and perhaps abusive man would give his wife his own list of obligatory tasks for his wife? the day ? Why is it acceptable for a woman to throw a man out of his own bed and let him sleep in the living room, while it would be totally unacceptable for a man to do the same thing with his wife? Imagine a woman saying to her friends: "Girls, my husband made me sleep on the couch last night."

Unfortunately, in our society, the man does not have the chance to marry a woman who gives him respect and love in an unconditional way. He must prove what he is worth before deserving respect.

Of course, we can not generalize this kind of talk, but it is important to remember that a healthy and balanced relationship is made among other things, love, sharing and complicity.