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Mix These 2 Ingredients And Say Goodbye To The Undesirable Belly Fat!

Mix These 2 Ingredients And Say Goodbye To The Undesirable Belly Fat!

As the weather approaches, for aesthetic reasons, to re-enter our favorite clothes or to put an end to our complexes and the health problems related to overweight and obesity, we have various reasons to wish to lose money. weight. However, there are some areas where it is more difficult to dislodge fat, such as at the thighs, the saddlebags or the belly. So, to help you get rid of abdominal fat, here is a 100% natural remedy!

First of all, it should be remembered that there are two types of abdominal fat, subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.

Mix These 2 Ingredients And Say Goodbye To The Undesirable Belly Fat!

Visceral fat: Almost invisible, it is housed in the internal organs of the abdomen such as the stomach, intestines or the liver. Visceral fat is mainly present because of a hormonal disorder, which is why it often affects menopausal women. Of course, other risk factors are the presence of visceral fat such as excess subcutaneous fat, stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, smoking, hypertension and disorders coagulation. The problem of this fat is that it is nestled around the viscera and that in case of excess, it can be at the origin of cardiovascular diseases and cancers.

Subcutaneous fat: Under the skin, the subcutaneous fat is usually a sign of being overweight, but it can affect any individual because it is most often the result of a poor diet (fat, sugar, salts) and a lack of physical activity. Indeed, it appears, even after years, as a result of excessive junk food, sweets, a sedentary lifestyle but also because of stress, often causing harmful eating behavior. It is often this type of fat that affects self-esteem because it is considered unsightly by society and especially because it increases as the person does not take care of his lifestyle.

Thus, in addition to a balanced diet, regular physical activity and a healthier lifestyle, it is necessary to use natural remedies to overcome the subcutaneous fat. Moreover, discover the recipe for an effective fat burning remedy based on two ingredients only!

The natural fat-burning remedy

  • 1 cup of argan oil
  • ½ scoop of camphor powder

Preparation and use:

In an airtight container, mix argan oil and powdered camphor evenly. Then let it sit and mix again. You can keep this fat-burning treatment in a dry and clean place as long as your container is tightly closed.

To use it, simply apply once a day on the stomach to reduce abdominal fat and firm your skin. Plus, you can use it on the most sensitive areas to store fat such as hips and thighs.

The benefits of food:

Argan oil: Used for its nourishing and softening properties, argan oil is also firming. In fact, in addition to fighting against wrinkles, stretch marks and skin aging, it improves the firmness of the skin thanks to its rich vitamin E, which helps protect and regenerate healthy cells of the epidermis.

Camphor: Used by athletes to stimulate the muscles and heat them before a physical exertion, the camphor can be used in the form of powder or essential oil. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and tonic to fight against blood circulation disorders. Moreover, camphor has antioxidant virtues that fight against skin aging and the accumulation of toxins in the body as well as a thermogenic action, that is to say that it increases the temperature of the body and stimulates the body. fat burning.

Warnings: Camphor is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children. Similarly, topical application of camphor is contraindicated in areas with lesions (wounds, burns, irritations).