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Never Marry This Kind Of Man, He Will Make You Suffer ...

Never Marry This Kind Of Man, He Will Make You Suffer ...

If we sometimes meet people who want us well, who love us without concessions and who know how to appreciate us, we also meet a lot of deeply bad and malicious people on our way. It happens that some women fall on toxic men, men desperate to belittle and harm those around ... Move away as quickly as possible, and most importantly, do not marry!

If some women end up meeting the love of their life and live a balanced love relationship, based on the principles of respect and sharing; others, on the other hand, find it more difficult to find the rare pearl. These are the meeting of disrespectful and bad men for whom the affection or the respect of others remain abstract notions ... Overview of the men not to marry especially if you wish to remain happy ladies!

Never Marry This Kind Of Man, He Will Make You Suffer

The narcissistic boyfriend:
The narcissistic boyfriend will always try to bring everything back to him. Selfish and egocentric, he is sorely lacking in empathy and will not hesitate to manipulate you so that you begin to obey him without flinching. It's simple: he does not like anyone except him!

Do not try to save him or save your marriage, it will not work. And do you say that it's not your fault because it behaves in the same way with absolutely everyone around you ...

The boyfriend who thinks only of himself:
An egotistical man is certainly synonymous with suffering. Be sure that this kind of man will never think to put your happiness before his, it's like that! Just like the narcissistic boyfriend, the selfish boyfriend will expect you to devote all your time and energy to him, no matter whether you can be fulfilled or you feel fulfilled in your relationship ... It would be a shame for you waste your time with a guy like that. Get away as quickly as possible because you will not be able to change it!

The boyfriend not too sure of himself ...:
It is not easy to be with someone who lacks self-confidence, especially if you have never suffered from this malaise yourself ... A man who has very little confidence in him will constantly seek your approval before making any decision for your couple. And since he doubts him, he may begin to do the same with you.

The victim :
The victim is too, far from good for you! If you think you can save a man from his distress or suffering, you are wrong and you hurt even more. Comfort him as you can, but make sure that his unease does not affect you ... it could simply destroy you.

The boyfriend a little too romantic:
We could say that a romantic and attentive man has, a priori, everything to seduce a woman ... But a man who makes crates and can not help but want to show the world that he loves you and that he only wants to satisfy you and make you happy, can quickly become ... boring! Gentlemen, be considerate of your dear and tender, that's good, but send him tons of messages during the day just to make sure that she's fine can quickly become embarrassing for her. Be romantic ... but not sticky!

The frustrated boyfriend:
The frustrated boyfriend is also running away urgently from ladies! Whatever you do to make him happy, he will never be. And do not tell yourself it's your fault, because it's actually a much deeper personal problem than that ... It may be that your man feels completely lost in this world, and that he can not feel happy. It does not necessarily mean that he does not love you, but by staying with him, you may not feel very happy either ...