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Nothing Is Worse Than Having Mice In Your House. Take Note Of These 5 Home Solutions To Eliminate Them

Nothing Is Worse Than Having Mice In Your House. Take Note Of These 5 Home Solutions To Eliminate Them

Mice are feared not only because most people are afraid of it; but also because they are a source of nuisance and pose a definite danger to health. They are usually found in dark cellars, sewers and can spread different diseases. But sometimes mice can take our houses for habitat, and that's where you have to use the right methods to get rid of them once and for all!

Nothing Is Worse Than Having Mice In Your House

If you have mice at home, they will surely punch holes to reach the food and sneak through the wardrobe or drawers. That's why we're going to show you some simple tips that are extremely effective and will keep rats and mice away from your home.

1st natural trick to keep mice away:
Bring home the best mouse hunters in history: cats. As you already know, cats are experts in hunting and there are no mice in houses where there is a cat. Cats have mostly nocturnal habits and are able to get rid of mice.

2nd tip:
Soft drinks are bad for human health, but also for mice, they are dangerous for them because they contain gas. Just put some soda in a bowl in the places where you think the mice are going and in a day or two you will find dead mice.

3rd tip:
Have you ever heard of plaster of Paris? It is a fast-drying plaster that is commonly used to cover ceilings. But it is also very effective at removing mice. Just put a little flour, a little plaster of Paris with a tablespoon of salt in a cup, and water in another, then leave the two cups in the entrance of your house or in places where the mice appear. The mice will be attracted by the mixture of flour and salt. If the mice consume the first mixture, the salt will make them thirsty and if they drink the water, it will harden the plaster they have consumed in their stomachs. That will kill them quickly.

4th tip:
This method includes chocolate powder. Mix flour with cocoa and plaster of Paris. It will work the same way as the previous method and will definitely kill the mice.

5th tip:
This method does not kill mice, but keeps them away. Just place the cayenne pepper in a bowl or sprinkle it in the corners. You can also use cloves in the wardrobe to keep the mice away.

If you are the type of person who hates the fact or even the idea of killing any animal, here are other tips that will make the mice of your house run away without killing them:

Peppermint essential oil
Mice are not big pepper mints. Its fresh scent can do you good, but that's not the case with mice. Place a little peppermint oil on cotton balls and place them in entrances, kitchen wardrobe and suspected entry points.

If you want to make extra effort, try planting mint along the outside of your house to deter mice and keep them away from home.

If you prefer not to use essential oil, you can use mint leaves or mint toothpaste.

Clog the holes
Mice can not sneak into your kitchen wardrobe and pantry if there is no entrance to your house. Remember, mice can pass through the smallest holes and cracks. Seal the holes in the outer and inner walls to prevent them from making their way inside.

Used cat litter
Cats are natural predators of mice. If a mouse suspects that a cat lives at home, she will immediately run away from home.

Many farmers and homeowners suggest placing used cat litter bins near suspected entry points into the home. The mice will smell cat urine and move away.

Onions are another pungent smell that mice hate. However, we must be careful with this solution:

Onions rot if left for several days.

The smell will keep mice away, but be sure to place the onion in a place where pets can not reach it, such as dogs and cats, as the onion is toxic to them.

Make sure you place a new one every other day or every other day.