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A Nutritionist Alerts People To Stop Sugar For A Month

A Nutritionist Alerts People To Stop Sugar For A Month

Like salt and fat, sugar can be harmful if consumed in excess. Yet, many people eat excessively without even realizing it. Indeed, this white powder is present in most of the food we consume. So, to avoid the damage of such consumption on our body, nothing better than a detox cure to end the sugar!

Presenting itself in different forms, sugar is one of the main ingredients of pastries, sodas and other confectionery. However, it is also found in industrial products such as prepared dishes, pizzas and cans. So, although natural fruit sugar is beneficial and essential for our body, added sugars are harmful.

Nutritionist Alerts People To Stop Sugar For A Month

The sweet danger of sugar 

When we ingest excessively sugar, we increase our risk of developing certain diseases. Indeed, the high consumption of sugar is associated with:

Obesity: The weight gain is explained by the fact that the body, at the end of digestion, transforms sugars into fructose but especially glucose to use as energy and then store it in the form of glycogen in the muscles and liver mainly. However, this storage in the form of glycogen has its limits. Thus, when the body is overloaded with sugar, it will degrade the latter in the form of triglycerides, fats, which will be stored in the adipose tissue.

Arthritis: The cells of our body, including proteins, will be damaged by excess sugar, causing inflammation of the joints.

Skin sagging: The increase in insulin is responsible for the production of enzymes that affect collagen and elastin fibers, causing sagging of the skin.

Diabetes Type 2: In order to balance blood sugar, the pancreas plays a vital role. It produces two hormones, including insulin, which regulates blood sugar and transmits sugar to other organs and cells. However, an excess of sugar hinders the proper functioning of the pancreas because it has to make more insulin. However, an excess of insulin is responsible for diseases including type 2 diabetes.

In addition, excess sugar impacts the functioning of the cardiovascular system and the brain. In fact, according to a study conducted by the University of California (Los Angeles, USA) on rats, a high-fructose diet slows brain function, affects memory and reduces learning abilities because of degradation of synapses, leading to impaired communication of brain cells.

Sugar also has an addictive effect, similar to addictions caused by the drug. It activates the reward system of the brain by causing the release of hormones including dopamine, a pleasure hormone.

In view of the harmful effects of sugar on the body, it is therefore appropriate to detoxify. And to do this, here's how to spend a month without sugar!

The detox program: a month without sugars!

Developed by Brooke Alpert, Accredited Nutritionist and co-author of The Sugar Detox: Lose the Sugar, Lose the Weitgh - Look and Feel Great, the program runs for one month.

Week 1: During the first three days, no sugar is allowed (processed products, sodas, desserts, starchy corn and chickpeas).

Example of a typical day: At breakfast, choose three eggs cooked according to your preference. At lunch, consume 170 g of white meat with salad and at dinner, eat 200 g of fish with broccoli or spinach. Snacks include a handful of nuts and seeds or a small portion of hummus with sliced peppers. Drink water, sugar free tea or black coffee without sugar. From the fourth day, you can re-enter fruits and other high fiber vegetables (carrots, peas, sweet potatoes).

Week 2: During the second week, incorporate a portion of dairy products (preferably made with goat's milk) at each meal and foods rich in antioxidants (blueberries, berries, pomegranate).

Week 3: During the third week, add whole grains such as quinoa or barley to your diet. You can also eat one to two squares of dark chocolate as a snack.

Week 4: To finish your detox cure, reincorporate starchy foods for two servings a day, including bread and rice.

Once the detox is complete, be sure to keep these new eating habits to take care of your health. You will find that the addictive behavior with regard to sugar will have disappeared and that you will not suffer any more irrepressible desires of sugar.

Note that this treatment is not recommended for people with diabetes and / or taking medication to control their blood sugar, high-level athletes and pregnant women. Consult your doctor before starting the program.