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This Oil Relieves Anxiety, Improves Digestive Health, Relieves Sinusitis And More! Here Is Also How To Use It!

This Oil Relieves Anxiety, Improves Digestive Health, Relieves Sinusitis And More! Here Is Also How To Use It!

The essential oil of black pepper is useful for relieving several types of pain. It is a natural remedy often used by the sportsmen during their warm-ups to fight the disorders of the sanguineous circulation because it has an effective toning action.

Oil Relieves Anxiety, Improves Digestive Health

The essential oil of black pepper has many recognized therapeutic properties. This allows to treat among others:
  • The dental pains
  • Muscle pain
  • Joint pain
  • Rheumatism
  • Cellulite, edema and vitiligo
  • Bronchitis, laryngitis, nasopharyngitis, sinusitis and oily cough
  • Fever, migraines and neuralgia
  • The lack of libido
  • Cognitive dysfunctions

Thus, the essential oil of black pepper is particularly effective for:

Fight against nasal congestion: the essential oil of black pepper has the capacity to relieve nasal congestion and sinusitis since it allows to dissolve the mucus and phlegm in the respiratory tract.

Improve skin health: Black pepper essential oil is particularly useful in the treatment of vitiligo, a condition that makes certain areas of your skin white. According to some researchers, the piperine present in this oil can help you induce the production of pigments that will reduce the symptoms of this skin condition.

Promote the neurological health: the main ingredient of this essential oil is piperine, it can help you reduce the risk of cognitive dysfunction (partial or total destruction of one or more cognitive functions such as language or recognition visual, for example) and memory problems. In addition, it has an antidepressant action.

Boost cardiovascular health: this essential oil helps fight against lymphatic disorders and varicose veins, thanks to its invigorating action for blood circulation. Simply dilute with vegetable oil and massage the affected areas.

Fighting free radicals: The antioxidant properties of black pepper oil help prevent and repair the damage caused by free radicals, reducing the risk of liver problems, cardiovascular disease, skin aging or even cancer.

How to use the essential oil of black pepper?

The therapeutic effects of black pepper essential oil will depend on how you use it. Indeed, you can as well disseminate it, use it as a cutaneous application, inhale it or take it orally, depending on the pathology to be treated. 

Thus, for dissemination, it will stimulate appetite and well-being and for skin application, relieve muscle pain, blood circulation disorders, dental pain, digestive and respiratory disorders. While oral, when diluted, the black pepper essential oil provides the body with sesquiterpenes, powerful antioxidants known to promote urination and sweating, helping the body to get rid of its waste and toxins. 

Finally, by inhalation, black pepper essential oil is known to effectively relax the body and mind. When used in olfaction with other oils such as lavender and juniper, it helps relieve mental stress, anxiety and helps people cope with stress. In addition, it significantly reduces muscle and joint pain.

Warnings: The essential oil of black pepper should not be used in pregnant women and children under 8 years. In the same way, to avoid any risk, respect the doses of a traditional use of the essential oil.