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We Have Ranked The Zodiac Signs From The Most Demanding To The Easiest

We Have Ranked The Zodiac Signs From The Most Demanding To The Easiest

Do you consider yourself a cool person? You would probably say yes ... and your loved ones would probably answer no. It's not your fault if you are so! Even if you want to be easier to live with, it's hard to change your inner personality. Since so many facets of our personality can be attributed to our astrological sign, we found it amusing to look for what signs are demanding and which are easy to live with. Discover our ranking.

We Have Ranked The Zodiac Signs From The Most Demanding To The Easiest

24 Leo (him): extremely demanding
Lion men and women are arrogant and vain. These gentlemen are the worst nightmare of all women: they always want to be right and they think they know everything. This is the kind of people who complain all the time.

23 Leo (her): extremely demanding
If you think of a fictional character who behaves like a diva, she is probably a Lion. Nothing is ever so good and she always wants to be the center of attention.

She always wants to be right. If you live with a Lion woman, you know how painful it can be. Yet she is often popular because she can be charming.

22. Aries (him): extremely demanding
The Aries man is subject to bad moods. Someone whimsical is necessarily demanding and unable to follow suit.

He wants things to go as he sees fit and does not understand the meaning of the word "no". He complains a lot and can not just relax and have a good time.

21. Aries (her): extremely demanding
She likes to lead and control everything. In a group of friends, she organizes vacations, makes reservations for hotels and restaurants. She is very organized, which is very useful. Everyone has good and bad sides.

20. Capricorn (him): extremely demanding
When he wants something, he does everything to make it happen. But his ambition is accompanied by a great professional ethic and high goals, which can be admirable.

19. Virgo (him): demanding
He likes things to be done in his own way. He is orderly, even manic, and very loyal. He is not going to rush into a relationship, but get to know each other first. He is a perfectionist and that can make you mad, but he can not do otherwise.

18. Taurus (him): demanding
He is spectacularly stubborn. It's not funny. But he does not realize how painful it is for others, so he does not feel the need to change.

17. Taurus (her): demanding
She wants things to go her way and, if she does not, she refuses to accept it.

16 .Liba (him): demanding
He wants only one thing: a serious companion. And it is not easy to live until he has found it.

Others may tell him to turn down, because putting so much energy into looking for a girlfriend is not a good idea. If you've ever gone out with someone like him, you know he's trying to make the relationship serious. This is the kind of man to ask you in marriage after only a few months. It's one thing to be in a hurry to fall in love, but it's another to be obsessed with the quest of the woman of your life.

15. Scorpio (her): demanding
She is very jealous, to the point that it can be a nightmare to have her as a girlfriend. She will sincerely draw hasty conclusions from anything. It is obviously difficult to have a peaceful relationship with her.

14. Scorpio (him): demanding
The Scorpion man is a player regarding romantic relationships. If he is attracted to someone, he will not show it to him and it is not easy to start a relationship with him. But when a man wants to have a hand on a relationship, he tends to be condescending, even a dick. He also wants everything to happen according to his plans, and in case of annoyance, he can become unpleasant.

13. Aquarius (him): rather demanding
It is not easy to get along with him because he wants above all to feel free.

It may sound odious, but it is not. It's nice to converse with him, he's listening to others and he's interested in a lot of things. Sometimes he also goes silent, stays behind and watches, but at other times he likes to take part in the party.

12. Aquarius (her): rather demanding
She is good company, but attaches great importance to her independence. She wants to be alone frequently and wants to do what she wants, it can be wearisome for those around her. She is fun at times and very irritating to others.

11. Sagittarius (her): rather demanding
She expects a lot from people around her, especially in her romantic relationships. She always finds that something is wrong. If you are the chosen one of his heart, you understand that you will never be able to change it.

10. Cancer (him): moderately demanding
He really wants to find someone to share his life and does not stop until he finds it, so he may seem overly concerned about this goal. Even if there is nothing wrong with wanting something to happen in life, do not be mean or rude. However, he can be in a very bad mood when his love life is not going well.

9. Cancer (her): moderately demanding
She is moderately easy to live because she does not wish to have a light relationship and seeks the great love, the type that we meet in novels or romantic movies. But when she finds someone with whom she feels good, she becomes easygoing for him.

8. Virgo (her): moderately demanding
As she is shy and reserved, one tends to think that she is vain. It is unfair, but frequent.

At times, Virgo woman is cool, friendly and it is nice to chat with her. Other times, she's going to want things to go a certain way, hers. This is because she is very conscientious, perfectionist and, whatever she does, she puts all her heart into it.

7. Capricorn (her): moderately demanding
She has a great professional conscience and seeks to realize her dreams. Because of this, she may seem like a diva.

Other than that, she is a fantastic person and a caring friend when she meets someone with whom she can be herself. It's not easy for her because she needs to be really comfortable before accepting someone's company.

6. Pisces (she): very easy going
It is one of the coolest zodiac. She is also friendly and sensitive. She loves the company of others, getting to know them and listening to the story of their lives.

5. Pisces (him): very easy going
He likes to have fun, which makes him easygoing. He also has a strong sense of humor, which makes him able to take the good side of things in all circumstances.

4. Sagittarius (him): very easy going
Renowned for adoring travel, Sagittarius is also very cool. He is always ready to have a good time, and considers life as an adventure, he is a really easygoing person. He is not going to make a story for trifles. That said, be aware that he is not a fan of very serious relationships, since traveling and having fun are his priorities. Too bad, because he would have been the perfect man.

3. Gemini (him): easy going
He is happy to live and wants to have fun and live adventures. He does not dwell on details and has a sense of humor. We all love the company of people who think only of having a good time, because we imagine that there will be no tensions and tragedies with him. At least, we hope ...

2. Gemini (her): easy going
Sociable, she has fun whatever the situation. This is the kind of person who is up for everything.

1. Libra (her): easy going
She is always the one who sets the mood in the holidays. Very sociable, she just wants to have fun and meet people. Life is too short to complain.