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14 Reasons Why Men Prefer Women Over 40

14 Reasons Why Men Prefer Women Over 40

Ageism, age-based discrimination, contempt or segregation, is indeed present in our contemporary societies, and it is unfortunately far from being a priority subject for mainstream media. Discrimination against older people is an unexpressed injustice that is happening more and more often. Fortunately, there is something positive in the middle of all this negativity. Because men reveal that they are more attracted to women over forty for the following reasons.

14 Reasons Why Men Prefer Women Over 40

They assume their body
Once they reach their forties, they eventually accept their physical appearance and many of them are not ashamed of their faults. Society puts a lot of pressure on women in terms of their appearance, a trap in which many young women fall who feel they have to look like these false standards of beauty. Mature women, on the other hand, are more likely to be comfortable in their skin.

They want to leave their comfort zone
The older you get, the more you realize that you only have one life to live with, which is why younger women generally do not dare to take risks and go on an adventure. Which for many older women is particularly stimulating.

More firmness
Older women are more comfortable with the idea of leaving their comfort zone, and are also more willing to let their loved ones express their wishes and say no when they need to. Younger women may have fears about this, the older ones see no constraint.

They know how to please their partner
Women in their forties or older simply have more experiences than younger ones. Whether in terms of professional relationships, family, they always know what pleases their darling. Over time, they have learned all that will keep the satisfaction of their partner intact.

They are not afraid to express themselves
Older women know the consequences of their words and are not afraid to be heard in any situation knowing exactly when to shut up. It is a form of wisdom that these women have acquired over time.

The takeover
As women in their forties are much more aware and ready to admit exactly what they want, they are not afraid to take the reins sometimes, knowing that there are situations where men appreciate that without necessarily confess.

The independence
These women probably have not been pampered all their lives, because they had to get up and make themselves more independent. A woman who has everything she needs is always worth seeing in the eyes of any man.

The ability to separate love from pleasure
Unfortunately, many young men prefer to have as much fun as possible in the early stages of their lives, while women of their age mature faster and want to have a stable life as soon as possible. This is where mature women have a role to play, because they know the difference between a passionate adventure of a night and a love story, while the youngest are struggling to know the difference between love and pleasure.

More relationship experiences
Someone over the age of 40 has probably been in a couple more than once and has probably thought about the characteristics he looks for in his potential partner as well as those he does not tolerate. That's what makes mature women a lot better because they know what they want.

They are more posed
Older women, unlike their younger counterparts, have already experienced a number of things and probably do not react impulsively and unreasonably to the vicissitudes of life. They have a sense of unparalleled weighting.

They are responsible
Some younger women lose sight of the essentials and turn away from their path, while the older ones have more sense of duty and manage their responsibilities more effectively.

They are set on their goals
Older women work on a very strict schedule. They know what they need to do to achieve their goals, unlike the younger ones who tend not to be in a hurry to get things done.

Young women generally do not control their emotions and tend not to give good advice to their loved ones, while older women are better able to point their partner in the right direction with a few words of wisdom.

A more interesting view of things
These women are more likely to make measured statements that are not aggressive or domineering. They have excellent advice and views on many topics.