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Here Is The Secret Of Tibetan Monks To Have Strong White Teeth Until Old Age

Here Is The Secret Of Tibetan Monks To Have Strong White Teeth Until Old Age

Dental hygiene is an important aspect to consider when dealing with your overall health. In fact, according to several studies, poor dental health has been linked to serious diseases such as heart disease. As you already know, Tibetan monks have very healthy teeth until old age. But how is this possible? What is their secret ? In fact, they do not use toothpaste, and do not go to the dentist, but their secret is nothing more than a very simple and natural recipe.

Himalayan salt

What are the causes of dental problems?

Poor nutrition, smoking, genetics, diabetes, pregnancy and teeth grinding contribute to the development of gum disease. The latter progresses in stages and can lead to bone reduction and loss of teeth if not properly treated. The stages of the disease are as follows:

Gingivitis: This is the first and the slightest stage of gum disease. Symptoms include swelling of gingival pockets around teeth and bleeding that may occur when brushing teeth. There may also be ulcers in the mouth and tenderness or pain in the gums or supporting structures in the mouth. At this point, the disease can easily be treated with a prescription from your dentist and by brushing with a mixture of Himalayan salt and water.

Aggressive Periodontitis: This is a more serious stage of gum disease and may affect people who otherwise have good overall oral health. Symptoms include a rapid increase in the size of the gingival pockets that provide easy passage to bacteria that enter the bloodstream.

Chronic periodontitis: If aggressive periodontitis is left unattended, the disease may progress to a chronic stage requiring immediate intervention. Support tissues inflamed in the mouth open the door for the accumulation of dental plaque, which increases bone loss fast. Surgical procedures such as crown lengthening and soft tissue grafting are usually the only way to save teeth.

In order to avoid these dental problems which can represent a danger for the health, we present you this completely natural method for healthy teeth.

Natural recipe of Tibetan monks
  • 1 tablespoon of Himalayan salt
  • ½ glass of water (60 ml)

First, boil the water and then let it cool. Add the Himalayan salt , then shake the mixture for 1 minute. Finally, eliminate the foam that forms on the surface.

Take your toothbrush and brush your teeth with several crystals of Himalayan salt. Then rinse your teeth with the water of the glass that contains water and Himalayan salt.

You should brush your teeth 4 times a day. In the morning after waking and after each meal. When you start this method for the first time, you may experience discomfort because your teeth will be more sensitive to salt taste due to the use of salt water.

This natural remedy will destroy all pathogens responsible for cavities and other dental problems. In addition, it will strengthen the enamel of your teeth. In a very short time, your teeth will become white.

Benefits of Himalayan salt

The first trace element found in the crystalline salt of the Himalayas that is amazing for oral health is calcium. It is the mineral that forms the majority of the hard part of each tooth. Without this, the teeth would be soft or brittle. Magnesium is the next trace mineral that works wonders for oral hygiene because of its ability to improve the assimilability of calcium.

Phosphorus and vanadium are two other minerals that contribute to the strength, health and strength of the bone, and are also needed for healthy teeth. Finally, manganese promotes the development of not only bones, but also soft tissues such as those found in the mouth.

The antibacterial properties of the crystalline salt of the Himalayas kill harmful bacteria and the 84 minerals will help strengthen your teeth and support your gums as you get older.