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3 Signs That Indicate That There Is A Jerk In Your Life That Is Depressing You

3 Signs That Indicate That There Is A Jerk In Your Life That Is Depressing You

In our life, we all, at a given moment, meet a toxic person. She uses the compliments at the beginning of the relationship and changes her face as soon as she feels that her victim is emotionally dependent. The key: satisfaction for the toxic person and depressed for the victim. But how to get out of this anxiety-provoking relationship and end a toxic person? Using these 3 signs that clearly indicate his true personality!

Toxic people are illustrated by various forms and ways of acting. We find those who are not aware of the harm they are doing around them and there is one who takes a vicious pleasure in destroying the other. Narcissistic perverts, manipulators, profiteers, pessimists are all toxic people. But lately, a new concept has emerged to describe the people who steal our energy: psychic vampires.

Signs That Indicate That There Is A Jerk In Your Life That Is Depressing You

Psychic vampires

In his book Les vampires psychiques: how to recognize them, how to escape them, psychiatrist Stéphane Clerget talks about psychic vampires. These are people who position themselves as victims to feed on the energy of others to function. So, although they do not suck our blood, they drink our energy.

These people depend on others to exist emotionally, emotionally and energetically and they pervert one of the essential notions of relationships, that of exchange. Indeed, they take without giving in return because for them, the others are only used to revitalize them. Thus, they only aspire to a relationship where the other feels empathy and pity while they are solely focused on their own well-being. It is not a healthy relationship as the victim of the psychic vampire is exhausted by trying to help him solve his problems, even to forget himself.

Generally the typical victim of a psychic vampire is a person with a great need to help another to feel useful. Moreover, the psychic vampire plays on it, pushes her to feel guilty if she does not go in her direction, exhausts her and picks up her emotions and all her attention. Gradually, the victim is plagued by physical and mental fatigue, which can lead to depression.

She is therefore necessary to realize the extent of the harmful effect of the psychic vampire, and any other type of toxic person, on our health and well-being. Thus, she is essential to get rid of such anxiogenic relationships in order to preserve oneself. And to help you on this path, here are 3 signs that a toxic person is part of your circle!

Recognize a toxic person: 3 obvious signs

Some signs allow to recognize a toxic person and indicate his presence in your entourage whose 3 following signs:

1. She does not care about your opinion

A toxic person thinks that she is always right and has no interest in your way of seeing things, your opinions on this or that subject. Moreover, She is always a pleasure to dismantle one by one your arguments during a discussion, whether professional or relational. Thus, she makes sure to always highlight your flaws, your defects and not your qualities. She usually thinks she is above you and has no qualms about crushing you. She does not hesitate to use manipulation and lying to hurt you or blame you for her problems.

3. She is selfish

We can spot a toxic person in his way of being selfish. Indeed, her world revolves around her own person and you are only one way for her to reach her goals or feel better about herself. She uses you for her own happiness and to do this she is able to constantly complain and be negative but also to take control of you. In this way, she gradually depresses you, criticizes you and enhances herself. She does not think about you, about your feelings, she gives you nothing in exchange for everything you do for her because the only thing that really matters to her is her own person.

4. She is invasive

To be able to control yourself completely and make it happen to you, a toxic person is invasive. She sneaks into every nook and cranny of your life, making sure you're present in your mind even when she's gone. In addition, she invades your living space by abusing certain physical contacts, especially to keep you in his nets and make you believe in a sense of protection.

So, if you notice these three signs in someone around you, associated with hurtful behaviors, a way of positioning yourself as a victim, and the fact that you do not feel well with him, cut that unhealthy relationship!