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10 Signs That Your Man Is An Idiot. He Does Not Deserve You

10 Signs That Your Man Is An Idiot. He Does Not Deserve You

In life, there are signs that do not deceive. Your man does not understand you or give you all his attention? Does he annoy you by contradicting you constantly, by not putting you in enough value ... How do you know if your darling is clumsy or if he is really stupid? Reply.

While some men have no trouble sharing their feelings with their wife or girlfriend, others have a little trouble with this exercise. Are they just clumsy or really stupid in this case? Only you can know!

Signs That Your Man Is An Idiot

1. He constantly disappoints you
Yes, it happens that men can sometimes disappoint their darling. How? This is pretty personal but if your darling spends time making bad decisions for your couple for example, you will feel like you can not count on him. And that's disappointing ...

2.He makes you doubt yourself
If your darling takes you from above, judges you, taunts you and, above all, makes you constantly doubt yourself, know that you have fallen on a stupid idiot. Arrogant, condescending, hurtful, your man gives you the impression that you are nothing without him and that you should consider yourself happy to be with him ...

3. He constantly stresses you
Egocentric, narcissistic, some men literally take themselves to the center of the world and do not hesitate to let their darling know about it by stressing it and sometimes even threatening to leave it ... We do not congratulate you!

4. He gives you the impression that you do not know anything!
This is no more and no less a hurtful way to belittle you and to make you feel that it is surely thanks to him that you succeed all that you undertake ... Well yes! How can a woman like you, who does not know anything about anything, succeed without a man in her life? ... As much to tell you that this is how some gentlemen think ...

5. He lacks attention:
Whether it is to compliment you or to say sweet words to you, or even to be attentive to what you say to him, do not count on him. If your man is distant and contemptuous of you, know that you have come across a beautiful specimen about imbecility!

6. He absolutely does not trust you!
Jealous, possessive, he absolutely does not trust you and want to know everything, especially when you're not with him! Moreover, needless to say that you go out only between girlfriends because it will not let you simply do! This type of reaction actually reflects a great lack of self-confidence. If your man reacts so, know that this is a fool very unsure of him and more ...

7. He sends you all his negative waves
Its mere presence in the same room makes you anxious and nervous! Remember to distance yourself and protect yourself from this real ball of negativity that your companion can represent! Preserve yourself first.

8. He does not care much about you
Or at least very little. He refuses to make concessions for you, whatever the subject, because he thinks it's up to you to do for him and that's it! Besides, it does not matter whether you're mad or angry at him because he does not care about it ...

9. He cuts you off from the world!
Whether it's your friends or your family, he's constantly trying to isolate you and make you lose touch with people around you, be it your family, your friends, your colleagues ... eye on what you do ...

10. He makes you feel guilty all the time ...
If you are in front of a man who is constantly trying to make you feel guilty whatever you do in your life, we advise you to escape as soon as possible, or at least to discuss it with him for a long time if you still wish to stay with us. him.