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10 Things Men Say In A Relationship And What Do They Really Mean

10 Things Men Say In A Relationship And What Do They Really Mean

Since the dawn of time, disagreements and conflicts have always been part of the life of couples, often born because of misunderstandings and misinterpretations. To believe that, men and women land different planets and speak opposite languages.

These misunderstandings can create tension within the couple and put a strain on the love of both partners and degenerate into useless dramas. In most cases, over time, when the couple reaches maturity, they get to know each other better and understand each other; however, it would take a lot of patience to get there.

10 Things Men Say In A Relationship

However, if you want ladies, understand what your man is trying to tell you, we suggest you to discover the most common messages that he could often use and their real interpretation to avoid unnecessary clashes.

1. "Believe me, she's just a friend."
What he tries to make you understand by this expression is that you have no reason to feel threatened or jealous by this other woman. If he had had any relationship with her in the past, he would not be his friend today because he is simply with you and you are fulfilling him on all levels.

2. "Ok, I was wrong and I'm sorry."
Most of the time, a man never admits his wrong and rarely makes excuses. If he does, it's just to have peace. If the conflicts and arguments are tiring him to the extreme, it is likely that he lies by admitting his fault, just to get rid of the stress generated by this conflict.

3. "My ex-girlfriend turned out to be a real madwoman."
You may feel flattered by this phrase, thinking that he favors you over his ex-girlfriend, when he is simply trying to warn you not to become as mad as she is and that in case you become so really, he would prefer to know it, as soon as possible, to take his legs close to his neck.

4. "It's not you, it's me."
In order to avoid confrontation, men often have this habit of using subterfuges. To get out of embarrassment, they use in most cases common expressions of this kind. But what they really want to say is that they do not have enough patience and stamina to deal with this problem with you.

5. "I think it would be a good idea to spend time together."
This sentence simply means that you like him without there being a serious commitment on his part. In order not to scare you, he prefers to adopt a relaxed attitude in order to avoid putting pressure on you. He would like to give you the time to know him and appreciate him.

6. "You (followed by another man's name) seem to have a very special connection."
In general, men are possessive especially when it comes to their partner. They might feel threatened by the presence of another man. This expression simply means that he needs to be reassured and to know that the other men in your life are not potential competitors.

7. "I did not have a good day today."
By this sentence, he would like to send you a message about the vulnerability and fragility he feels at this moment, without really confessing it. He needs your love, your tenderness and your support to recharge your batteries.

8. "I do not want to talk about it now."
To avoid a discussion of a subject that bothers him, a man will find a way to divert the discussion and make you believe that he will be ready to talk about it later even if he has no intention of doing so.

9. "I love your look when you do not wear makeup."
The real interpretation of this sentence is that it is always annoyed by your delays in the bathroom to get dressed and make up, when you are invited to dinners or events.

10. "I did not receive your message / I just saw your message!"
In order not to hurt you for having forgotten to answer you, he can invent this excuse to get out of embarrassment. But, do not worry, he loves you like the first day.

So gentlemen, do you agree? Do you find yourself in all these subterfuges?