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6 Things Men Want You To Do When They Kiss You

6 Things Men Want You To Do When They Kiss You

Preliminaries are a preparatory phase to the physical intimacy act itself. They usually start with kisses, knowing that kissing has a lot of health benefits. But how long do you do it? When was the last time you kissed for a long time? If you're wondering what changes you might make to prolong the pleasure, here are some things that men want you to know. So ladies, be careful to make your man crazy with your kisses.

6 Things Men Want You To Do When They Kiss You

1. Make eye contact
It frees the passion. Hold your face and make eye contact. You do not even need to look attractive, it's the sensuality visible in your eyes that will make him crazy and make him want to kiss you more. Do it repeatedly but at regular intervals.

2. Vary the pace
You can start with either a slow or spirited rhythm. Just remember to slow down between soft kisses where you come into contact with his lips without forgetting to move yours. You can even gently move your tongue if you wish. Increase the speed and intensity gradually and see what impact such a flood of sensuality will have on him.

3. Use your hands
While your lips are busy, your hands can also activate to push the desire to a level still above. Men love when you put your fingers in their hair. You can then move around his neck and ears, then slide towards his chest and arms or straight back. If you can reach his waist, move your fingers in this area but do not get to the pants. Keep this for later.

4. Suck
The bottom lip is juicy, so suck it down gently, give it your full attention. If he gives you his tongue, suck it too. Do not go so far as to bite her, try rather to tickle her upper lip and try to suck. Go slowly if you do not want your darling to wake up the next morning lips all swollen.

5. Kiss the cheek and jaws
If you want to take a break and break the rhythm to vary the pleasures, kiss her cheeks and her jaw. Kissing on the jaw is a turning point for many men. You can simply move your lips and use your tongue a little bit by doing this. You can also excite a man by licking his ears.

6. The triangular kiss
Start with the lips then move to the ears, the neck before returning to the area of the lips again. This triangle can quite help you push your man to release his wild side. But you can also make him hickeys, which will be very far from displeasing him.

These points are therefore to be considered for each woman sharing privileged moments of intimacy with her man. Do not forget that the preliminaries are not only there to raise the temperature or levels of excitement, but they also serve to evaluate how the physical intimacy between you and your partner is far from the simple act of satisfaction purely physical and how much you have a real emotional connection with him in these moments filled with sensuality and desire.