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8 Ways That Men Use To Destroy Their Marriage. Never Forgive That!

8 Ways That Men Use To Destroy Their Marriage. Never Forgive That!

"For better and for worse," here is the mythical phrase that all couples make at the time of their marriage, promising themselves love and fidelity. Respect, sacrifice, concessions, desire or trust are important points for a successful marriage. Unfortunately, it can happen to a couple to be confronted with perilous moments since everything is not always rosy.

Thus, indifference, lack of attention, boredom, absence and other factors that can lead to the end of marriage become the 8 ways that men adopt and destroy their married life!

Ways That Men Use To Destroy Their Marriage

1. Stop complimenting him
The mind of a woman is very complex and always on the lookout for the smallest details. All you have to do is look at the other women so that your partner feels threatened. She always needs to be reassured of your loyalty, your fidelity and your love. So, look straight into your eyes and be sincere and tell her that she is beautiful and desirable, to eliminate all her fears and doubts.

2. Forget small things
A woman in love does not need exorbitant gifts to be happy. Sometimes, small, thoughtful gestures can fill her with happiness. Leave her a little text saying "I love you" that she will read in the morning to illuminate her day, do not forget her birthday even after several years of marriage, play with the children: this will prove that you pay attention to your wife.

3. You enclose yourself.
Men tend to lock themselves in whenever they go through difficult times or have a problem to solve. This attitude puts the woman away and she does not feel involved in the couple's life. If your spouse is trying to understand the reason for your withdrawal, calmly explain the problem to her without ignoring her or getting angry.

4. Deny your responsibility.
Some men never take responsibility for their actions. They always try to blame their women by blaming them for all sorts of things. But, you must accept to fully assume your differences and understand that you are the problem and not your wife. If she really has a share of responsibility, then the franchise is in order. Be open, communicate all the problems you are going through and put an end to this discord.

5. Choosing the wrong person
Before embarking on a marriage, it is necessary to choose the right partner, compatible with our personality. Love can blind and impair our ability to make the right choice. Thus, a dominant woman, depressed or immature, will have a hard time changing after marriage. The only result will be failure.

6. Do not communicate
The lack of communication creates a deep chasm in a couple. Indeed, you have to communicate about arguments, problems that arise or your plans or dreams. When communication stops, there is a distance between the two partners so that you can look like a stranger in your wife's eyes. Certainly, after a few years of marriage, the spark can go out but it is not an excuse to stop all communication.

7. Do not listen to him
The woman, by nature, always needs attention and listening. Sometimes when a woman goes through a bad time, she needs to talk about it, unlike the man. She does not necessarily want her husband to find a solution but just that he listens to him and that he accompanies him in his difficult moments. So do not force her to make a decision and do not judge her. She will feel offended and less independent. Listen to her and just advise her.

8. Never apologize
All marriages have their share of happiness and misfortune. Generally, disputes are an integral part of the couple's life provided they do not let them destroy a marriage. If you feel wrong with your wife, do not hesitate to apologize and banish the idea that a man who asks for forgiveness will see his pride flouted. Saying "I'm sorry" means that you assume, that you are someone responsible and that you want to keep your marriage intact.

Succeeding in your marriage takes a lot of effort and it is not always easy. The man has his share of responsibility in the destruction of a marriage but the share of responsibility of the woman in this failure is equally important. Both partners must do their best for a happy and lasting marriage.