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What The Color Of Your Eyes Reveals About Your Ideal Partner

What The Color Of Your Eyes Reveals About Your Ideal Partner

The eyes are revealing of things that we do not even suspect. By simple visual contact, they can reveal our intentions, betray our deepest feelings, reveal our state of mind and our sadness and expose all our buried emotions that we refuse to express. However, it has been proven that the color of the eyes is not only revealing of our personality but also of our power of attraction. According to a scientific study, the color of the eyes can determine our soul mate or our ideal partner.

What The Color Of Your Eyes Reveals About Your Ideal Partner

The iris is the tinted part of the eyes. Whether they are green, blue, brown or gray, the color of our eyes reveals traits of our personality that most of the time we do not know and which in addition can influence our choices in terms of relationships and the kind of partner who attracts us and suits us.

Here, according to the color of your eyes, the kind of partner that will ignite your heart and your passion.

1. Black eyes
Black eyes are characterized by their rarity and especially by the secret mystery and deep they emit. If you have this eye color, your partner who draws you must be equally enigmatic with a complex and intriguing personality. Your lover is the man of many facets, enjoying an incomparable charm and especially a dark soul that you want to explore to get the most light. It's his impenetrable side that you like!

2. Brown eyes
Of all the shades of iris, the color of the brown eyes is the most widespread. It can vary from light brown to dark. If you have brown eyes, you are endowed with creative optimism and you always see the bright side of things and life. Your priority is serious engagement in relationships. As a result, your partner should meet your need for commitment and unwavering loyalty. Honesty, loyalty, sincere love are for you the basis of any serious relationship and you demand the reciprocity of your partner. He must give you all his attention and his listening. It's your primary need.

3. Blue eyes
Blue eyes are renowned for their beauty and their desirable and intriguing side. We dive into the ocean of blue eyes by their depth and their sensuality that recalls the color of the sea and the sky. If you have this color, you need a partner that is as sweet, warm, affectionate as it is stimulating and sometimes rough, like the character of the ocean. His contradictory personality traits will make you want to explore and discover him. Challenge and struggle are your main drivers of life, but your need to be loved and loved is also important for you to rekindle the spark towards your partner.

4. Hazel eyes
The hazelnut color is a blend of green and brown that gives it a beauty, grace and elegance in the personality. Generally, people with hazel eyes are full of sensuality and are in constant contact with their inner selves. If you have the hazel color of the eyes, you need an available partner who is in perfect harmony with all the sensations of your body and mind. A deep, non-superficial partner with strong self-confidence.

5. Gray eyes
Gray, which is a mixture of black and white, conveys ambiguity. People with gray eyes are impenetrable and secretive and reserve a world of their own, totally the opposite of the real world. They often hide an interesting fascinating personality to discover. If you have that eye color, you are a creative and insightful person able to detect the true nature of people. You need to be impressed by your partner before he dives into your bed. He must deserve your respect before any relational commitment.

6. Green eyes
The green color combines the sweet, nurturing and intuitive side of nature with its free, wild, unbridled and primitive side. If you have that eye color, you go with raw lust and unconditional love, calm and passion. This balance makes you an exciting and calm person, tumultuous and serene. Your partner must enjoy a primitive and balanced side. 

He must follow the path of your exciting life, with the same intensity and the same passion but also assure you all the love and attention you need. Your lover must not only prove his love by words but also by his unbridled and unrestrained approach. It must surprise you and stoke your curiosity constantly so as not to lose the interest you have for him.