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Here's Why The Strongest Women Feel Broken Inside

Here's Why The Strongest Women Feel Broken Inside

You must be strong, you must be brave. These words ! A woman hears them almost every day. Does she really need these tips? She crosses the waves of life with majestic dignity, leaving behind her the love failures, disappointments and mistakes of the past without turning around. But who is this woman?

Why The Strongest Women Feel Broken Inside

She's a woman who does not let anything glimpse
Because she is always smiling despite her pain and suffering. She always keeps The smile that will brighten and comfort her child, his entourage, even if behind it hides a deep sadness. It is a woman who will take care of others at the risk of forgetting herself and give her unconditional love.

We think she has everything
Because most people look at her with envy, thinking she has everything. Because she succeeds in everything she does, that she has taken over the direction of her life. But basically, they do not know anything about her because she decided to show nothing of her vulnerability and fragility. Her heart seems solid as a rock, she flaunts a swinging pace but the pain it holds in the depths of her heart, no one will see or feel it.

She is a pretty and elegant woman
Because she always takes care of her appearance and favors elegance. She still finds the strength to pretend. She makes up her tiredness with a radiant smile and a perfect face. But they do not know his true torments or his fears, because she will never reveal their weakness. We do not give him the right. She knows she can not have the luxury of being vulnerable.

She will always be there for you
Because she will always cheer you up, there is only one who can do it. It will bring you all the positive energy and the good resources you need. But to manage her own weaknesses, she will prefer to isolate herself. Yes, it will let tears of weariness, pain and discouragement flow, but you will never see them. She will choose to suffer alone, in all discretion, rather than reveal her weakness to those who will never understand the fragility of her soul.

She is a woman who always seems happy
Because it is the ray of sunshine that illuminates the lives of others. Her mood is always cheerful and sparkling, creating a festive atmosphere for everyone around her. His life seems a firework of happiness.

She will always be good advice
You will come to seek his help and his good advice. She always knows what to say and what to do when needed. She will offer her support even if your problems are minimal compared to hers. Instead, she will listen to you and understand you. She will simply be your friend.

This woman does not complain
She never complains, because if she does, she will be fleeing as a contagious disease. Because we will reproach her for always complaining, without even trying to understand her pain or the sacrifices she makes to make the lives of others more enjoyable.

In her loneliness she brings out the demons of midnight
As soon as she finds herself at home, After spending her energy for the others, all the invincible armor she wears collapses. She finds herself facing her loneliness, overwhelmed by her own torments that gnaw at her and torture her. This loneliness allows him to bring out his old demons, to reveal his soul and to expose all the repressed feelings that it is so difficult to hide. As much as she loves the solitude that delivers her, she hates her because she abandons him, drowning in melancholy, insecurity and the fear of tomorrow. Because she loses all her confidence, because she loses hope of being happy and finding happiness, because she is afraid of becoming useless, Because she is afraid that this loneliness will become her companion of always.

Yet she is not aware of her strength, tenacity, and power. Every day she is in pain. But she always goes headlong and moves forward, drawing her energy from love, from the strength of the Universe and from the strength of her heart that she tries willy-nilly to fill hope. It faces our society yet unfair and cruel sometimes. But she is there, always standing, ready to live the life that awaits her, which is destined for her.

Courage my beautiful and sweety Lady, you are the star that illuminates our sky.