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Here Are The Zodiac Signs That Are Incompatible To Be In A Relationship! Their Relationship Is A Disaster

Here Are The Zodiac Signs That Are Incompatible To Be In A Relationship! Their Relationship Is A Disaster

What can really go wrong in a love story? Is it an incompatibility of physical intimacy, character or lifestyle? This is the crucial question for thousands of people who are looking for the ideal partner for life.

Astrology can be our ally for the success of our love life. It reveals us, our personality and our behavior to highlight, later, the compatibility standards between the different signs of the zodiac. It would be, therefore, useless to waste time in disastrous love relationships if we have an effective means at our disposal to find the ideal partner and compatible with our personality.

Incompatible Zodiac Signs

To do this, we offer a non-exhaustive list of astrological incompatibilities to watch.

Virgo and Leo:
These two signs have completely opposite natures. The Leo favors the party, the glamor and the life that shines, while the Virgo are more down to earth, introverted and discreet. In order for this relationship to work, the Leo must guarantee to his partner Virgo the exclusivity of his feelings.

Aries and Scorpio
Their union is like that of water and fire, and ends by dying out one another. Scorpio is jealous by nature and Aries is bubbly and flirtatious, which can create discord between them. The only way to save a Aries-Scorpio couple is to compromise to survive.

Taurus and Aquarius
Taurus comes from Venus and Aquarius from Uranus. Since Venus is the planet of love, beauty and calm, it can never be in harmony with Uranus, which symbolizes the unexpected and the rebellious. Lack of communication is the main factor of contention in this couple. Such a couple can only succeed if they learn to communicate properly and with dignity.

Gemini and Cancer
Gemini is ruled by Mercury and Cancer by the Moon. They have by their very nature, ambitions and goals. Cancer prefers a well-established lifestyle while Gemini loves the worldly attraction. In order for their union to be harmonious, the two signs must cooperate to bring each other the love security they need.

Sagittarius and Capricorn
This duet is again a big mistake because the tension between them is too strong to be managed. Both signs lack alchemy. The spark of love is practically nonexistent.

Virgo and Gemini
The Virgo is calm, the Gemini is dynamic, they have almost no points in common. The Virgo brings worries home while Gemini is more carefree, especially as the spending character rages the Virgin who is more economical. Financial issues end up weighing them down and leaving their relationship in tatters.

Leo and Pisces 
A Leo will ask for attention while the Pisces is usually taken by his thoughts to grant this level of attention. Pisces are known to extinguish the motivation, the creativity of a Leo. Both partners need to share their needs with each other from the beginning.

Scorpio and Gemini
The biggest failure of this couple is the lack of quality time spent together. Their physical intimacy energy is intense, but it eventually fades quickly. Both signs are too extroverted. Doubt and jealousy will take over to spoil their life as a couple.

Cancer and Aquarius
Cancer is too sticky and can suffocate one's partner, which contrasts with the freedom of Aquarius. Cancer must feel secure and protected, which will never be the case with Aquarius. The lack of mutual trust never really allows such a duo to live together.

Pisces and Libra
Libra being ruled by Venus and Pisces by Neptune never work well. At first, their relationship seems optimistic but becomes easily tumultuous in the face of the pressure of life. They dig the grave of their own relationship without even realizing it.

Taurus and Leo
Both are very demanding and have high expectations that are far from reality. Both have a strong ego and a sense of pride that leaves no room for compromise.

Aries and Cancer:
Aries and Cancer are not compatible in love. Aries has a thirst for wandering and long journeys, while Cancer prefers a calm way of life. On the one hand, the sensitivity of Cancer exasperates Aries while the impulsiveness and indifference of Aries cause Cancer to flee.