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Attending A Concert Every 2 Weeks Will Add 9 Years To Your Life, According To Scientists

Attending A Concert Every 2 Weeks Will Add 9 Years To Your Life, According To Scientists

According to the saying, music softens manners. Yes, for the most part, because it allows us to feel positive emotions and general well-being. In addition, a recent study has shown that attending a music concert every two weeks could lengthen our 9-year life.

Music is used in some hospitals to broadcast a reassuring atmosphere, especially for children and patients likely to undergo surgery; which has the effect of mitigating the trauma of the hospital stay.

Attending A Concert Every 2 Weeks Will Add 9 Years To Your Life, According To Scientists

The benefits of music on well-being

It is important to understand that music acts on our brain through the air we breathe. Whether it is soft or deafening music, the sound moves air generating a sound pressure that comes through our eardrums. However our ear only perceives the average frequencies; the first influence is perceived by our body. Also, vibrations can resonate in our nervous system and provide us with peace and relaxation.

According to our musical taste, music can be a therapy of well-being. It alleviates our anxieties and anxieties, stimulates our memory and promotes quality sleep. Moreover, a testimony was surprising Don Campbell who healed thanks to the music of Mozart. The power of music sound has allowed the blood clot in the right hemisphere of its brain to shrink.

Music and longevity
A new study published by O2 and Goldsmith University Associate Lecturer and consumer psychologist Patrick Fagan has shown that attending concerts regularly would benefit our health by relieving stress and increasing our ability to become more social; which would increase the longevity of all music lovers concert.

According to Fagan, who is also a specialist in the behavioral sciences, it is enough to attend a concert for 20 minutes to increase by 21% our feeling of well-being, by 25% our self-esteem and by 25% our human contacts. This study was confirmed by psychometric tests and heart rate tests performed on participants. Patrick Fagan corroborated this thesis by asserting that regular fortnightly attendance is the key to longevity.

Fans of concerts are generally considered more productive, happier, provided they do not use harmful drugs.

An Australian study did, however, mention this phenomenon and tried to question the sincerity of the longevity study. Nevertheless, it is still true according to researchers at Deakins University that people attending shows are more sociable and have a greater fondness for the pleasures of life which improves their well-being. These people turn out to be followers of happiness.

What about solitary music

Listening to our favorite music in the calm of our house and in the comfort of our sofa brings us so much well-being, peace and serenity especially when it comes to listening to classical music or soft music to promote the sleep.

However, it is better to leave your house and share good music with other music lovers, to feel less isolated and enjoy the benefits of human contact. We will feel more alive and sparkling.