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How To Get Rid Of Cellulite With Anti-Cellulite Cups: Cellu-cup Anti-cellulite Vacuum

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite With Anti-Cellulite Cups: Cellu-cup Anti-cellulite Vacuum

We talked about Cellulite Cup a few months ago, anti cellulite vacuum cups are all the rage. They are everywhere! But are their reputations worthy of what they promise? To find out, our team has tested the Cellu-cup vacuum cup for you.

 Anti cellulite vacuum cup

 Anti-cellulite vacuum cup, what is it?

We talked about it recently, anti-cellulite vacuum cups have become the number one enemy of our little buds. Exit the orange peel, these small objects are a revolution in terms of well-being. Indeed, they can effectively fight against cellulite quickly, easily and without breaking the bank. How? Thanks to the action of palpate-rolling that the sucker exerts on the zones concerned. cellulite cup reviews 2018,anti cellulite cup before and after,anti cellulite vacuum cups reviews,anti cellulite cup reviews 2018,best cellulite cups,cellulite cup amazon
The suction exerted by the cellulite suction cup allows to activate the lipolysis and thus dislodges the dimples formed by the saturation of the fat cells. Suckers have a reputation for being faster than a session of palpate-rolling institute, much cheaper and just as effective!

We wanted to test for you these suckers somewhat revolutionary. It's towards the Cellu-cup brand that we headed.

The Anti-cellulite vacuum cup : A Massaging cup

The Cellu-cup vacuum cup
In addition to the Anti-cellulite Massaging cup, we were able to test the firming glittering massage oil of the brand. Regarding the oil, it allows to prepare well the area to be massaged before applying the cellulite massaging cup. It does not leave so much fat film after the massage, which is very appreciable. Most ? She smells super good!
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Inside the pack, we could also find a meter and a small guide. The latter makes it possible to note, each week, the evolution of his thigh, hips, buttocks ... An ally of size to realize its evolution over uses.

Cellu-cup vacuum cup

The team has tested the Cellu-cup anticellulite pack for you

Let's go now to the sucker itself. To begin, you should know that the anti cellulite vacuum cup is made of silicone. A good first point, since the silicone anti cellulite vacuum cup are of much better quality. They therefore have a much longer life than the latter. And in addition, they are hypoallergenic!
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The cellulite suction cup comes in a small pouch, which can carry everywhere without damaging it. It exists in several colors: blue, pink, transparent or sequined, it's up to you! At Savvy Life Mag, we had the chance to test a particular color. Indeed, the sucker "color change" is at first raspberry color. This model has the particularity of changing color during the cupping massage. In the early dark pink, it turns gradually to pale pink. Rather surprisingly, we appreciated this originality on the part of the brand. Never seen !

What we liked

The care of
What we first noticed is the good grip of the Cellu-cup. Neither too big nor too small, its intermediate size allows you to perform the massage without difficulty. The movements are done naturally, without the cellulite suction cup escapes our hands. Unlike other brands of Anti-Cellulite Vacuum Cups, Cellu-cup is not too rigid. This prevents pain, especially in the thumb, when you have to pinch the anti cellulite vacuum cup between your fingers to apply it on the skin.
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The rapidity
Yes, because we do not always have the time to spend hours in an institute to be massaged. Here, it only takes 5 minutes per zone to see real results. We do not know you but we have been conquered by so much ease of use.

Cellu-cup vacuum cup

The results
The results are ... simply stunning! We were pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of the anti cellulite vacuum cup. Obviously, it goes without saying that for the results to be visible quickly, there is only one watchword: regularity. Do not expect to get rid of its dimples in a few weeks by using its cellulite cup once every ten days ... Nevertheless, when you stick to it, the results are there. And they are rather incredible.

A moment of relaxation
Beyond the results, using the Cellu-cup is a real cocooning moment. We really enjoyed taking this parenthesis to take care of ourselves every night. It has become a true wellness ritual! In fact, in addition to draining the fat cells, palpating and rolling promotes circulation of the blood and fights against the retention of water. After a long day or in case of feeling heavy legs, Cellu-cup relaxes and relaxes. best anti cellulite cup,anti-cellulite vacuum cup review,anti-cellulite vacuum cup before and after,anti cellulite cup review,anti cellulite cup walmart,cellulite suction cup walmart
Certainly, the cupping massage may seem unpleasant at first. Do not worry, it's normal! The fat cells that form the cellulite on the surface of the skin are massaged in depth thanks to the aspiration carried out by the cellulite cup. This feeling will disappear quickly as you use it.

Cellu-cup vacuum cup
The "colorchange" cellulite cup changes from deep pink to pale pink during massage

A small flat?
The fact that the sucker changes color is original, but also very clever. Indeed, the change of color can serve as a reference: when the sucker is completely pale pink, the cupping massage is finished! This is convenient, but this marker is only used for the first area to massage. To massage the second leg, it will be necessary to put a time! That said, it will also be necessary to put one with the other anti-cellulite cups, which do not have the technology "color change". This change of color is not really a negative point, but rather a bonus compared to classic cupping!

Our verdict
Overall, we loved using the Cellu-cup. And we continue to do it! We have noticed some rather incredible visible results in just a few weeks. However, it is repeated, for the results to be optimal, it must be regular. Five minutes per zone is enough, but you have to do the massage every day. anti cellulite vacuum cup walmart,cupping therapy walmart,where can i buy cupping therapy,besells anti cellulite vacuum reviews,anti cellulite vacuum roller reviews
As you can see, the Cellu-cup test is a success. We can only recommend the use of the anti cellulite vacuum cup to fight against the orange peel. Fast, easy, inexpensive and easy to use, it's the winning combo to have a smooth and drained skin! So, when do you test it too?