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Chinese Medicine Tips: Tap These Points On The Palm Of Your Hand To Relieve Any Pain

Chinese Medicine Tips: Tap These Points On The Palm Of Your Hand To Relieve Any Pain

Alternative medicine has gained popularity in recent years. While some are still skeptical about this, others have embraced this practice and learned of its benefits. So there is a part of alternative medicine that is strongly related to pain relief and is called "reflexology". According to this complementary therapy, each body part is connected to a point in the hands or feet.

Why do we have to massage our hands?

As it is already the case for the massage of the face, the head, the back, the abdomen, the feet, the muscles or the integral massage, the massage of the hands has also lot of benefits for the body. The reason is simple: these members are the place where the nerve endings are. Thus, by soliciting these reflex zones, we thus succeed in stimulating the corresponding organs. It should also be noted that the hand massage has a quick effect on the body, moreover, it is easy to do without forgetting the fact that a hand has a mini-mapping of our body.

Martina Krcmar says in her book "Palmar reflexology": "The palms of the hands contain more than 3000 nerve endings, all related to the whole body. "

Palmar reflexology allows to relax all the tensions that the body can accumulate over time and relax its various components but it is also about:

The best factor against stress

What is particularly practical with regard to palmar reflexology is that it can be administered on its own. People with a lot of tension should devote a few minutes of their time to a small palmar massage. But first you have to soften your wrists by clenching your fists and making circular movements. Then try to massage the top and the palm of each of your hands, your fingers and their underside.

A very good remedy against asthma or bronchitis attacks

Massaging hands is a very good option when it comes to a person with asthma or chronic bronchitis. Just make small rotary movements in the palm of the hand while making small pressure at specific points to get the maximum efficiency. The points connected to the lungs are in the upper part of the middle finger as well as in the wrist area below the thumb of each hand.

Excellent solution against allergies

Many people are unaware of it, but palmar reflexology is capable of many miracles. Whether the allergy in question is triggered by dust, dust mites, pollens, certain chemicals or even animal hair, the discomfort and the symptoms that result can be relieved by a reflexologist. But such a massage can also be done alone, at home. All you need to know is the good pressure points all along your thumb, so try to use the thumb and forefinger of your left hand to massage up and down the thumb of your right hand and vice. -versa.

A good way to relieve sciatica

What is called "sciatica" is actually pain that is localized in the sciatic nerve, in the lower back. And although sciatica can be relieved through medication, palmar reflexology is just as capable of doing so, just massage the area along the thumb bone to dot between the thumb and forefinger, this will help soothe the pain.

A tip against constipation

The effectiveness of palmar reflexology also includes constipation. By stimulating with circular movements the corresponding point which is at the level of the back of the hand and more precisely in the hollow located between the thumb and the index finger, you will have succeeded in stimulating your large intestine which will result to unlock it .

What to do to take benefit from palmar reflexology

Press the appropriate area of your hand for 5 seconds then release for 3 seconds before pressing again. Repeat this for several minutes and several times a day to get the best result.


Palmar reflexology is not recommended and requires the advice of a doctor if you have a wound or suffer from any skin infection. The same goes for women who have not yet passed the threshold of 3 months of pregnancy, people with cardiac problems or trauma.
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