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Choose A Symbol And Find Out What Your Soul Needs To Evolve

Choose A Symbol And Find Out What Your Soul Needs To Evolve

Alchemy is an occult science that cultivates secrecy and mystery. This spiritual science uses alchemical symbols that can represent geometric figures, enriched symbols, pictograms or ideograms that alchemists use in order to keep their language incomprehensible.

An alchemical symbol has enormous potential and powers. It reveals our fears, our repression and our desires. Properly used, alchemical symbols could accomplish miraculous changes in your life.

Choose A Symbol And Find Out What Your Soul Needs To Evolve

The power of an alchemical symbol

An alchemical symbol hides the power of past lives. When we use a symbol we exploit not only its own power but also that of those who used it before. Thus, its power is tenfold over time.

Why the need to have a symbol

These alchemical symbols are often used, either worn in necklace or in bracelets. Some even tattoo it on the skin. This drive comes from within our being and denotes what our soul needs to be in harmony. So the choice of a symbol must come from our deep inner being; we must let our heart and soul guide this choice.

Choice of symbols
To choose the symbol your soul needs, you must first close your eyes and clear your mind, then look at the pictures and let your heart point you to the symbol choice.

Meaning of your choice of symbol

1. The Lion
In general, Leo is the symbol of control over destiny, power, and domination. By choosing the symbol of Leo, you manifest a need to escape from what you have built, with great effort and temerity, to your responsibilities, which trap you and dominate you. You express the need to change your life or to trace a different path.

Tips: Accept your choices and make peace with yourself. You will evolve along with your wisdom. Fate is in your hands; free yourself if you feel like it.

2. The hourglass
The hourglass is the symbol of inevitability, the trap of time.

By choosing this symbol, you express your feeling of being trapped in time. A tragic or painful experience has left an imprint on you to the point that you feel engulfed in a lethargy, devoid of all energy until the inevitable happens. Life is made of succession of life and death. The past must be left behind and you must not go back. This experience will only make you stronger than yesterday.

Tips: Go ahead, and make the right decisions now. Live the present moment. Clean your Karma. Time is your friend and not your enemy.

3. The Moon
The strength of the moon is related to emotions and hidden truths.

By choosing this symbol, it means that your heart is in perpetual combat. Your emotions take over and prevent you from finding peace and serenity. Even your sleep suffers. Recognize the existence of these emotions; that they contain hatred, anger or even emotion. Do not leave them buried in you, accept them and release them afterwards. They will have no effect on you.

Tips: Express your feelings. Free yourself and you will feel a lot of well-being.

4. The Key
The keys have always been associated with the vision of the life path.

If you chose this symbol it is because you soul needs answers. You are questioning the whole path you have traveled so far. Nothing motivates you or interests you in the moment. The key is your desire to open new doors to other paths that will bring you more thrills and experiences.

Tips: Get away on the trip. Meet new people and boost your spirit of adventure.

5. the Hamsa Hand
The Hamsa Hand is associated with protection against the forces of evil.

The choice of this symbol means that you are experiencing a blockage in your life. Precursory signs must have warned you of this evil sensation. A blockage, however, can come from your mind. Freedom is in your hands and do not trap yourself. Strengthen the ultimate power of your soul, through love and forgiveness.

Tips: Forgive and love yourself. You will come out much stronger. Take care of yourself, relax and reenergize yourself with positive energy.