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Here Is The Darkest Side Of Each Astrological Sign

Here Is The Darkest Side Of Each Astrological Sign

Each astrological sign has a dark side, this particularly unpleasant side can generate foul behavior. But since you always have to take things positively, you should read this, and who knows, maybe that will make you laugh. Here is the least shining side of each of the astrological signs.

Darkest Side Of Each Astrological Sign

Aries - The King of Tragedy

It is ruled by Mars, the planet of war and is always ready to throw itself into the heat of battle at the first impulse. You are lucky if you escape his contempt, which happens only when someone else has already bothered him first and is too distracted to continue his approach to destroy you.
Scale of Evil: 4

Taurus - The break of the blackout
There is a grave danger hiding in the silence and calm of a Taurus. People who are unfamiliar with this sign will say that he "never gets angry". Whereas, it's just that the boiling point is higher at home. Taurus wait until their emotions completely submerge them, and when they do, they lose all contact with reality.
Scale of Evil: 4

Gemini - The lie
Gemini have a credibility problem, which means that beyond knowing or not they are lying, they may not be able to tell the truth. This is probably because for this sign, the truth is constantly changing, depending on his mood. Although they are not openly mean, their lack of self-awareness can allow them to do not very pretty things.
Scale of Evil: 8

Cancer - Possessive until obsession
Cancer becomes obsessive. They have a deep need to love and to be filled with tenderness because they are governed by the Moon, the planet of femininity. Once they have set their sights on someone, they can not really let go. They are so obsessed that they would be ready to kill you for it.
Scale of Evil: 9

Leo - makes you want to hate them
The Leo does not fight to hurt someone directly. They feel that they are above, because they believe they are invariably better than everyone else. But they will do everything possible to make you feel useless and inferior to them through tools such as social networking and word of mouth.
Scale of Evil: 3

Virgo - Is not mean, but has a problem with emotions
The Virgin are extremely critical people, without judging. They work constantly to improve themselves and they assume that you are interested in hearing what is wrong with you in order to be the same. They will say they are bad. But they are not bad, they can just be cold and insensitive.
Scale of Evil: 1.5

Libra - The trial is unpredictable
These people are extremely thoughtful, kind and well mannered but are on the other hand, right. This means they will not hesitate to sue you for every injustice you commit. Their arguments and attitudes in the courtroom are ruthless, but they will always remain respectful.
Scale of Evil: 7

Scorpio - Revenge is never far
This sign is traditionally governed by Pluto, the planet of death, power and transformation. His natives love power games. Basically, they are sensitive and caring, but they see their sensitivity as a weakness and if it dominates them, they will blame you and consider revenge.
Scale of Evil: 10

Sagittarius - Everyone knows they're mean except them
These people do not know how bad they are, which makes some of them more dangerous than their peers. They are so dogmatic in their view of morality that they have an inability to see things from another point of view. This is without a doubt one of the most potentially astrological signs.
Scale of Evil: 10

Capricorn - Taking your money, stealing your work
They are able to take everything you have. They can come in and ruin your life by outdoing you in every possible way until you lose everything, including respect for yourself. The concern is that it will be impossible to be angry because you will not be able to blame someone for doing their job better than others, right?
Scale of Evil: 6

Aquarius - Elitists, calculators and cold
In general, these people are very detached because they are not very interested in what others are doing. They can also be indelicate, selfish and erratic. They tend to deny their mistakes but will not let you do the same thing. They will always remember it and will call you back as soon as the opportunity arises.
Scale of Evil: 6

Fish - Develop plans to eliminate enemies but no more
Some think that a fish can become bad. But honestly, this sign simply does not have the means to carry out its diabolical plans. He is often exploited, so, most often he dreams of ruining your life or just crying and highlighting his role as a victim.
Echelle du mal : 3.0