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Here Are The 8 Differences Between Authentic People And Fake People. Do Not Be Fooled

Here Are The 8 Differences Between Authentic People And Fake People. Do Not Be Fooled

In our life, we are brought to make all types of meetings. Some will be important and will positively upset our way of seeing things, when others will only be destructive. These are painful and often leave a bitter taste, so it is essential to learn to distinguish a sincere person from a dishonest person.

So, to help protect yourself from future disappointments, here is how to distinguish a genuine person from a wrong person, thanks to these 8 major differences:

1. Benevolent look VS haughty look

Sincere people generally have a caring look on the people around them but also on people they do not know. Indeed, as they respect each other, they respect others and find no interest in being contemptuous and bad. Conversely, the fake people love to judge others and look at them in a haughty way because by devaluing others, they think to value themselves and make themselves more interesting. Moreover, they meticulously choose their surroundings and respect only people they find popular and / or powerful.

2. Difficult to impress VS easy to impress

When it comes to being impressed, sincere people are hard to be. They have values and principles, as well as a strong opinion, which means that they do not let themselves be tempted by small flatteries and that they are always honest. On the other hand, dishonest people are just the opposite. They are easy to impress or rather, they pretend to be impressed to attract the sympathy of others. It's all about manipulation for them.

3. Comfortable in the shadow VS need light

Authentic people are distinguished by their way of being comfortable in the shade, that is, they do not need to be in the spotlight and do not seek consecration to through the recognition of others. On the contrary, false people aspire only to be constantly in the light. They think that the only way to be fulfilled is to be famous and they are ready for anything for that, even to shade others.

4. Modesty VS bragging

Unlike false people who use and abuse boasting to put themselves forward and shine in society, sincere people are modest. They are humble and that is what makes them touching and enjoyable. They never do too much and are always in the right measure, which leads to admiration.

5. In front VS in the back

By their nature, sincere people will always prefer to tell the truth, even if it is a hurtful truth. At least they will have good conscience because they will have been right with themselves and with the person in front of them.
Obviously, dishonest people have no qualms about talking in the backs of people and lying about their real intentions. They will never hesitate to stab the other in the back if it can serve their interests.

6. Acts VS words

We distinguish people who act from those who only talk and use words to achieve their ends. In the first category, we find sincere and genuine people, who show things by real acts and not by superfluous and deceitful words. And in the second category, there are false people, who never keep their promises and make people who believe in their words suffer.

7. Honest opinion VS false compliments

While false people use false compliments to attract and manipulate others, authentic people are not afraid to offend others as long as they are always honest and sincere in their words and deeds.

8. Generous VS selfish 

With their innate kindness and kindness, genuine people are generous. They give their money, their time and especially their energy so that everyone feels good. On the other hand, false people are manipulative, superficial and selfish. Thus, they see only themselves and others are only means to satisfy their own needs.
Differences Between Authentic People And Fake People. Do Not Be Fooled