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5 Diseases That You Can Cure With Onion. It's Effective, Do Not Wait To Try It!

5 Diseases That You Can Cure With Onion. It's Effective, Do Not Wait To Try It!

The onion, famous for crying when peeled, is both used as a vegetable and as a condiment and is commonly cooked to enhance the taste of the dishes. But it is also used as a medicinal remedy more than effective for thousands of years around the world.

The onion is part of the great family of alliaceous and like garlic, it is attributed some properties beneficial to health. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it is an excellent antidote to prevent and promote the healing of many ailments.

Cure With Onion

The onion is composed of 90% water and 10% nutrients, such as vitamins, B, E and C, phosphorus, calcium potassium, magnesium and fiber to name a few. It is full of beneficial and healing properties for our health and all our daily ills. Discover the 5 diseases that you can cure thanks to the benefits of the onion!

Chest congestion
The main sources of chest congestion are of course pollution, viruses, bacteria and dust that promote mucus formation. To decongest and release the airways, chop an onion by mixing with a little coconut oil, and form a paste that you apply as a poultice directly on your chest. It will act as a natural antibiotic on your congestion and eliminate it.

Falling fever
When attacked by a virus or bacteria, the body responds by producing fever. The detoxifying and antibacterial properties of the onion will help you to lower it, then disappear by spreading a big chopped onion mixed with a little coconut oil on your vaults. By letting act all night, guaranteed effects!

Ear infection
The onion can also easily help you fight an ear infection such as ear infections. Thanks to its antibiotics and antioxidants and by applying hot onion wrapped in a clean cloth on the ear for about twenty minutes, the onion will help the disappearance of the infection and relieve the pain.

Cuts and wounds
By applying a slice of onion to a wound or cut, its antiseptic properties will instantly stop bleeding while helping to disinfect the wound and promote healing.

Like fever, cough is a natural defense against viruses and other bacteria attacking our bodies. Components

anti-inflammatories, expectorants and onion antibiotics will easily help to remove the symptoms of your cough. By peeling and slicing an onion in half, and spreading a tablespoon of brown sugar on each slice and covering them for an hour, a juice will come out of which you can drink two tablespoons a day to eliminate your cough.

Onion can also be used as a medicinal remedy for many other ailments. Its diuretic and depurative properties are excellent for the retention of water and the good functioning of the kidneys. Rich in potassium and vitamin B, they actively contribute to the regeneration of nerve impulses. It also helps relieve burns and skin inflammation with sulfur. It is also an excellent remedy for hair loss.

Warning !
Bulb consumption of the onion is contraindicated for people with gastritis, ulcers or heartburn, and is not recommended for people with irritable bowel syndrome. Natural anticoagulant, it is contraindicated in case of internal hemorrhage. Excessive consumption can also trigger bloating, abdominal pain, transit problems and flatulence.