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Doctors Recommend Avoiding Flip Flops This Summer

Doctors Recommend Avoiding Flip Flops This Summer

When the flowers hatch and the birds begin to sing, there is no longer any doubt that spring is upon us. In the same way, when you see the flip flops out of the closet, then you can be sure that the summer season is imminent.

Wearing flip-flops has been transformed for many years into a real ritual peculiar to summer. The ease with which they can be worn and the possibility that they offer ladies to showcase their pretty pedicure make it an accessory of choice during this season.

Flip flops are not just uncomfortable

You probably did not expect it but the medical specialists warn us and tell us that we should never wear these dangerous shoes again.

To begin with, the low-cost label worn by these shoes is undoubtedly the first indication of their failure since cheap shoes do not have padding not to mention the fact that your arch has no support on which really rely. Which means you exert incredibly huge pressure on your feet and toes every time you walk with it.

And as a bonus of all these findings, Dr. Zachary Vaupel, an orthopedic surgeon at Beaumont Hospital in the state of Michigan, says that the risk of accidents and fractures are increasing by wearing flip-flops. And according to him, without the slightest pun of words, these shoes can really make you "pitch", in the sense that because of them, you have a slightly unbalanced stride, which makes you tend to stumble and fall forward. Not to mention the risk of sprained ankle that you run every time you wear them. And this is more the case for children whose lives may really be at risk because of the risk of falls and more injuries.

According to Dr. Tariq Khan, a foot specialist, flip-flops can also lead to an unpleasant medical condition commonly referred to as "claw toes" and obviously promote deformation of the big toe (Hallux Valgus). Because these shoes are soft and have no support for the foot, the toes of your toes will arch to hold in place as your foot lifts off the ground. In addition, the arch of your feet will eventually subside giving rise to pain in the soles of the feet and heels.

Flip Flops a real nest of bacteria

Flip flops can also expose you to staph, a bacterium that causes many diseases. It is actually a real magnet to bacteria and other germs that adhere to the rubber sole. But that's not all, because E-coli, as well as fecal bacteria and other common varieties are also part of the game when it comes to grabbing the bottom of your flip flops.

Researcher David Kinney tested flip flops that were worn for four days on the streets of New York. And without the slightest surprise, the shoes housed more than 18,000 bacteria. This is more than enough to make you sick.

Knowing that if staphylococcal bacteria seeps into your foot, you should expect very unpleasant side effects, and death can be part of it. Dr. Kinney also found that the bacteria normally found in the mouth ended up on the flip flops. And it's because people spit on the floor and as you walk on it, you risk spitting up a potentially sick person.

Other side effects :

Flip flops can aggravate toe deformities such as "tailor's bunion," a bone deformity of the base of the little toe.

They are usually made from toxic chemicals.

The thin strap scraping against the top of your foot can cause you blisters.

Because of the force with which your foot hits the ground, your heels can severely suffer.

The biomechanics of flip flops is very bad for your posture.

Since flip-flops do not have support to hold the arch, wearing them can cause pain in the hips and lower back.
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