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5 Education Mistakes That Destroy Your Children In The Long Run

5 Education Mistakes That Destroy Your Children In The Long Run

The education of children is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. The impact this can have on their future is extremely complex and uncertain according to the principles and values they have inherited.

Learning the value of things is essential to them to evolve as a human being provided with a minimum of realism in the face of what surrounds them. This educational process is long-lasting and can be fraught with mistakes and mistakes. Discover the 5 mistakes not to commit in the education of his children.

Education Mistakes That Destroy Your Children In The Long Run

1. No authority

Authority is one of the fundamental principles not to be neglected or overturned in favor of the child. Indeed, roles should never be reversed to the detriment of your authority that you must always save whatever the whims or crises of tears of your child. Moreover, this figure of authority will serve as an example for his future and will allow him to always know how to situate himself as much in his personal life as professional.

2. Lack of respect

Respect is a primordial value that should be instilled at the very beginning of a child's development. Arrived at a certain age, it is one of the most unshakeable and lasting educational foundations. If your child does not have a notion of it at an early age towards himself and towards others, he will not have the notion of it at adulthood either. Teach him to apologize to you or to others if he indulges in whims or misbehaves. So, little by little, it will come from him naturally.

3. Do not substitute authority

There will be an age when your child will have to go to daycare, school and even be guarded by one of your family members. There too, you will have to teach him where the authority comes from and explain to him that it does not come only from you but also from all the adults who will take care of it. If you do not implement this rule with your child, secondary people involved in his education will have to deal with a child who has not assimilated the role of the various stakeholders in his life and therefore can not obey them or respect them.

4. Unbalanced life

Children, and especially young children, must be subject to rules and timing that will allow them to evolve in a balanced and orderly way. Meals, trips to the park, and other baths must take place at a fixed time so as not to disrupt their growth and lead them to adopt healthy habits. At the same time, it will also allow you to take time for yourself as a man or woman in its own right.

5. Do not know how to occupy them intelligently

It is important to teach children the value of patience. If they accompany you to the doctor, or you are on the road for hours, this virtue allows them to deal intelligently, to have fun in all circumstances by developing their imagination and creativity instead of putting them in your hands a tablet or your smartphone. This will help them in their adult life. They will know that it is then normal to have to wait sometimes to reach their goal and that nothing is easily obtained.

The education of children is not an easy task. In addition to your own personal, couple or even professional life, having children and educating them is more than an exercise and requires extreme patience and an iron will. Dare to say no to his child, not to give in to his whims, to set limits, to teach him respect for himself and others: a difficult mission but essential to his personal growth.