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My God ! If I Had Known That Before! Frozen Lemons Can Cure Everything

My God ! If I Had Known That Before! Frozen Lemons Can Cure Everything

Lemon, a precious citrus fruit is a fruit with great nutritional value and many benefits are well established. Packed with vitamin C, it is a powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic. It is also an excellent and very effective immune stimulant and can be used in a thousand and one ways to take full advantage of our health. The consumption of lemon after freezing can even increase its nutritional qualities.

Lemon very often used as a natural remedy. Rich in iron, copper, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus among others, lemon can be used in many ways. Frozen, lemon peel contains many valuable medicinal substances such as vitamin C, lemongrass, essential oil, phellandrene, citric acid, hesperidin or pectin. It is therefore wise to note its effectiveness especially when it is frozen. Opt for organic lemons or wash them with water and vinegar to remove all traces of pesticides.

Benefits of frozen lemon

Detox diet

A detox diet with lemon, allows a significant loss of weight in the very short term. It allows rapid elimination of toxins while promoting cleaning of the digestive system because of its diuretic qualities. The lemon containing pectin, has a satiety effect on the appetite. Vitamin C contained in lemon, promotes fat burning and therefore weight loss. Ideally, you should grate frozen lemon and sprinkle your lemon-based detox drink.

The lemon containing calcium and rich in vitamin C is low in calories and is very effective for moisturizing the body and the skin. Drinking very fresh after freezing by adding lemon zests previously frozen will multiply the thirst-quenching effects.

Promotes digestion
To enjoy all the benefits of lemon and promote digestion, just freeze and sprinkle the zest on all your dishes or drinks. You will be able to fight the abdominal swelling more easily, while also reducing flatulence.

Boost the immune system
If you want to boost your immune system and boost your metabolism, frozen lemon bark contains even more vitamins than the juice itself is ideal. By preparing a tea with frozen lemon zest, the effect will be increased tenfold.

Fight bad breath
Citric acid in lemon refreshes the breath and eliminates bacteria that promote bad odors. Using juice and lemon zest in mouthwash will ensure good oral hygiene and soothe gingivitis. But do not overdo it because of its abrasive power.

Cleans the skin and brightens the complexion

Purifying and antiseptic, lemon helps sanitize, disinfect the skin and fight against pimples and blackheads. Its acidity helps control sebum production and fade marks left by acne. The preparation of a scrub with frozen lemon zest will cleanse your skin deeply and illuminate your complexion.

Reduced cardiovascular risks

Flavonoids from lemon are directly associated with cardiovascular risk mitigation. They are reputed to protect against various chronic conditions related to cardiovascular diseases. Eating a tea or a fresh drink with lemon zest can only guarantee you to maintain good health and to limit the risks.

Cancer prevention

Known to stimulate the immune system, lemon can also help slow the progression of cancer by decreasing the spread of cancer cells. Indeed, the lemon peel has detoxifying effects combined with a large amount of nutrients it contains, allowing it to directly intervene in the prevention and slowing down of a large number of cancers.
All this, of course, is only a non-exhaustive list of all the uses and benefits that come from lemon and especially when it is frozen and zests are added to your dishes or drinks.


It is still better to consume or use lemon in cure. On a dry and dehydrated skin, it could cause redness and a burning sensation. Lemon is all the more photo-sensitizing that it could increase the risk of sunburn. When you use it as a skin application, do it in the evening. It is also not recommended for people with kidney and bile disorders, stomach ulcers and citrus allergies. It is also recommended not to brush your teeth after eating lemon so as not to damage tooth enamel.
Frozen Lemons Can Cure Everything