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Get Rid Of Stress With This 5-minute Massage On Your Fingers

Get Rid Of Stress With This 5-minute Massage On Your Fingers

With today's lifestyle, we are constantly preoccupied with several tasks at once. We have responsibilities at home and at work that are sometimes difficult to endorse, which generates stress.

To fulfill all our daily responsibilities, we work a lot and the state of our body suffers. We feel anxious, frightened, worried and tense. It should be noted that if the stress is not well controlled, it can lead to serious health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

Get Rid Of Stress With This 5-minute Massage On Your Fingers

Learn how to handle stress properly

It is necessary that you learn to recognize when you feel stressed. The warning signs of stress include tension in the shoulders and neck, clenching hands in fists, etc. Try to avoid the event or situation that leads to your stress. If that's impossible, change your reaction.

While many people know that stress has a negative impact on our lives, few people are aware that it can lead to mental disorders. Still, leading a stressful life is detrimental to our effectiveness and diminishes our ability to lead a healthy and happy life. Too busy days and a lot of responsibilities also contribute enormously to these situations.

It is therefore important to look for ways that could alleviate stressful conditions. Where meditation can reduce the level of stress, engaging in physical activity is another way to get rid of it.

It should be noted that stress levels vary from person to person, but chronic stress can seriously affect your health. That's why experts emphasize the importance of learning to relax to reduce stress and take care of your health.

It's not just the mind that is affected by stress - stress can also impact your physical performance. There are many simple things that can help you feel better: you can listen to your favorite songs, do a yoga session, do some gardening or reading, enjoy a hot bath or hang out with friends. However, most people are looking for quick fixes. We propose you in this sense, the most effective exercise that will relax you and relieve your stress in just 5 minutes, it is actually a massage!

Here is the best exercise to relieve your stress!

Exercise 1
Hold your little finger with your thumb and forefinger, then shake it gently to release muscle tension. Turn your little finger clockwise, and change direction after 10 seconds. Perform the same exercise on the other fingers of your hands.

Exercise 2
Tap the root of each finger because everyone is connected to a specific function of your body. Pressing the thumb root, for example, will free your airways and nasal cavities.

Exercise 3
Make a fist with one hand, making sure you leave some free space to put your thumb with your other hand. Then press your fist, trying to pull the thumb or pull and push it. Do the same with the other fingers.

Exercise 4
Finally, squeeze both hands, you will feel relieved.