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The Great Tip To Keep Your Strawberries Longer

The Great Tip To Keep Your Strawberries Longer

Oh strawberry! This sweet and sweet fruit that most people love, is a real blessing for our palate. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and has many health benefits. Consumed raw, alone or as an accompaniment to salads, this fruit is always pleasant to eat. But how can you keep it longer?

During the hot seasons, our only desire is to consume refreshing, moisturizing and healthy foods. The strawberry is one of them.

Keep Your Strawberries Longer

Health benefits of strawberry

The strawberry is initially low in calories (4 calories for a medium strawberry), rich in vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants and boosts the immune system. It keeps us healthy. According to Aprifel, an agency for information and research in fruits and vegetables:

The flavonoids contained in the strawberry, including the anthocyanins that give it its red color, play an important role in protecting the body against cancer. They have an inhibitory effect on the growth of cancer cells of the colon, oral cavity and prostate. The strawberry content of total polyphenols (sets of antioxidants) is 97.56 mg.

- Its rich vitamin C strengthens the immune system and therefore protects the body from fatigue and infections, contributes to a proper functioning of the nervous system and normal collagen formation to ensure the function of several organs.

- Its high fiber content allows good intestinal transit.

- Its vitamin B9 content helps the healthy growth of the fetus during pregnancy and the normal formation of blood.

- Its source of manganese contributes to a normal energetic metabolism, the maintenance of a normal framework and makes it possible to prevent the harmful effect of the free radicals.

It is rich in water and ensures daily hydration.

Preservation of strawberries

It's a mess to see beautiful strawberries mildew in our refrigerators without being able to fully enjoy them. So we share with you a simple method that will allow you to keep them without risk of deterioration and keep them fresh for a few days.

You will need :
  • White vinegar
  • Some water
  • Colander

White vinegar contains acetic acid that will eliminate spores from mold and bacteria.


- Start by washing the strawberries to remove any residue and dust that has accumulated. Then put them in a basin and add ½ cup of white vinegar and 2 ½ cups of water.

- Leave on for a few minutes then rinse the strawberries thoroughly in a colander.
Dry the strawberries either in a paper towel or by allowing them to air dry in a colander.

- Make sure your strawberries are no longer wet before putting them in a cool place, to prevent them from becoming moldy.

Additional tips for keeping strawberries fresh

- Keep the strawberry stalks until you eat them. This will extend their shelf life.

- Immediately remove strawberries that are already moldy so that this mold does not spread and does not damage other strawberries.

Warnings :

The strawberry contains histamine and can cause allergic disorders if you have a favorable ground.

The strawberry should be avoided if you suffer from ulcer, gastritis or colitis.

Consume organic strawberries preferably that have a compact appearance, bright red, swollen and shiny and have a tasty smell, unlike strawberries grown with pesticides that have no smell or flavor.

Good tasting !