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Here's How To Stay Friends After Divorce - And Preserve Your Family

Here's How To Stay Friends After Divorce - And Preserve Your Family

Although it is not always easy to make the decision to divorce, divorce can sometimes be the best solution to adopt when disputes are multiplying, and the flame of love seems permanently extinct. Unfortunately, some couples find it very difficult to maintain good relations with their ex-partner after the breakup. In this article we explain how to build a friendship after divorce to live in peace, and to take better care of your children.

How To Stay Friends After Divorce

With your ex you have lived great love, your life was full of beautiful things. Only, for various reasons things change, and the tension goes up to such a point that the happiness of two becomes impossible in your couple. This is not the end of the world, you can keep a beautiful relationship of sincere friendship by following the advice of this article.

The advice we are going to talk about comes from a child of separated parents after 18 years of marriage, and who have been able to keep a long and beautiful relationship of friendship. The latter watched his parents for years, and tried to analyze how they behave among themselves, and to understand the factors that contributed to the longevity of their relationship.

1 - Leave space, and respect the bubble of the other:

After the divorce, some people can not get away from their ex, and try by all means to interfere in his life, and invade his personal space. This is a big part of creating arguments because the other party feels stifled and irritated by this behavior.

The best thing that two divorced people can do is to keep seeing each other and talking to each other, while being careful not to go beyond certain limits and not put your nose into each other's affairs. This will help to maintain a healthy and lasting friendship.

When an argument is about to break out, always try to calm down and get away until things work better.

2 - From time to time, ask the news of his ex:

Some will tell you that you should not waste your time asking if your ex is doing well or if he can move forward in his projects. But remember that you have shared your life for a long time with this person, and that you too would be pleased if your ex asks for your news.

Knowing that your ex is worried about you, and that he is always there to listen to you, will help to make your relationship more peaceful especially for the sake of the children you have together.

3 - Spending time together:

Going out and doing activities together is the basis of all real and sincere friendship. Invite your ex to the restaurant, go out for a walk together, or watch this latest film that you like in the cinema. Spend time together as real friends do! This will help strengthen the bonds, and stifle the grudge that sometimes results from separation.

4 - Help his ex and accept that he helps you:

Friends help each other, do not they? Even if we are totally independent adults. It's always nice to have someone you can count on, because we know she will always be there for us.

Do not hesitate to ask for help from your ex if you need it, and to offer yours if necessary. This will only strengthen your relationship and make it better.

5 - Do not forget that you shared a story:

As complicated and painful as your break, remember that you have lived important events together, you have shared your secrets, and you have revealed to each other.

The end of a relationship does not mean that you have to forget all the beautiful things it has allowed you to live. On the contrary, we must strive to keep good memories in mind and put aside the bad ones.

6 - Always remember the importance of the family:

The family is very important, and everything must be done to preserve it. If that does not matter enough to you, do it for your children. Know that no child in the world would like to see the separation destroy his family, and sow hatred between his two parents. Forget the past and live in peace with yourself.

The tips mentioned above will allow you to maintain a healthy relationship with your ex-partner, to better live your divorce, and to prevent your children from being adversely affected by it. Follow them to overcome this difficult ordeal, and enjoy life to the fullest!